Are You Getting Scammed by McDonald’s?

Are You Getting Scammed by McDonald’s?


Imagine you go in to McDonald’s, and you order just one Big Mac. What’s the next question they usually ask you?

They say “Would you like fries or a drink with that?” And if you say yes, then they ask, “Would you like to upgrade to a Medium or Large?” If you say yes, of course they’ll upgrade your order and give you fries or a large drink.

All the employees are trained to ask these questions and ‘upsell’ every customer, and McDonald’s requires it’s employees to try to sell more food to all of their customers.

So is McDonald’s trying to scam everyone that comes in by upselling them?

Do the customers resent that they’re getting sold extra fries and a bigger drink?

NO, of course not—because it’s just an upsell on what they’ve already ordered. And this leads me to our topic today …

Surprisingly, some people think online companies are scamming people when they upsell more products to their customers.

They might type a comment saying, “Oh, I’ve already seen this kind of business online pushing more products on people, so this is definitely a scam.”

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, so let me explain …

Why do people think online product upsells are a scam?

When some people hear about certain companies in our niche that have upsells, they immediately think it’s a bad thing …

So before even looking into the company, they automatically assume “This company is a scam. All they try to do is upsell people to buy more products.”

First of all, anyone who calls upselling a scam is naive about business in general, because every successful business sells more products to its client base.

This is called getting back-end sales, and it’s not a scam.

Upselling is just a part of every business—from McDonald’s to your online business.

All successful businesses have upsells.

All successful businesses have front-end products to acquire a

new customer, and then they have back-end programs that offer more products.

For example, my company has many back-end programs …

Our main front-end program is $49 right now. They pay $49 to access the first program.

And as they go through the first program, we also offer them other programs that will get them where they want to be much faster.

We have a more in-depth program for $2,500. Then there’s a more intense program that’s $10,000. And then there’s the all- inclusive program for $30,000.

The reason we have these upsells, is so you can cut your learning curve and achieve success much faster. But of course, if you want this more privileged information—to make more money faster—you must be willing to pay a higher premium.

I don’t have any problem upselling to sell more products.

That’s right, I don’t have one bit of guilt at all about the more

expensive programs we offer on the back end—because they are very valuable programs.

For example, if you chose to get the $10,000 upsell for the Titanium Mastermind, I think it’s definitely worth your money …

Titanium is an all-expenses paid trip for two people to some of the nicest resorts, in some of the most exotic destinations in the world. The last one we did was in Phuket, Thailand at a really nice ocean front resort.

When you come to the Titanium Mastermind, you get all expenses paid treatment for four nights, plus all the entertainment and amenities included.

Plus, you can go to three more summits just like the Titanium—The Traffic Summit, The Conversion Summit, and The Leverage Summit.

If you invest $10,000 and go through all that training—which is currently over 12-days of really high level training—and you actually apply that information, it’s going to do wonders for your business.

But on the other hand, if you just stuck with the $49 program, you would only have 21 online video tutorials about how to start your online business. And if you were very vigilant, and followed these training videos word-for- word, you could definitely be successful in a few years.

Here’s the point …

In online marketing, we are upselling our products just like a cashier at McDonald’s … It’s just that our upsells cost A LOT more than $1 french fries.

All successful businesses have back-end promotions.

I don’t have any hesitation or guilt about being the biggest promoter in my company to sell those programs. Because that’s just how it is with any successful business—they all have a back end.

All successful businesses have an ascension model where they transition the customer from being a front-end customer to a back-end customer.

So if you ever encounter someone saying you shouldn’t have upsells, then just point out what I just said to you. Point out that it’s insane because every successful business has upsells—including McDonald’s.

If someone doesn’t like to be ‘sold’, they will also have problems making sales.

When a person calls your business a scam because you upsell more products, it usually reveals their own hesitation …

It reveals their own fear of selling something of value, and asking for something in return.

When I see people being negative towards back-end offers, this immediately tells me they will struggle in business.

Because a person who’s afraid to buy—or doesn’t like being ‘sold’—will usually have a real struggle selling to others. And they will probably struggle to sell products in their own business.

But What If You Are the One Who Is Negative?

Now, if you find that you yourself have a negative reaction to upsells, and you look at it like a bad thing, then you might want to examine your own internal dialogue about selling.

For example, let’s say you attend a three-day event where they offer a lot of programs, and you hear other people making comments about it being a pitch fest. Don’t let their negative attitude affect your thinking.

Personally, if I attend an event and people are selling their products at the end—as long as they’re offering value to me at the same time, I have no problem with them selling.

If they offer me a way to get continuing value or education from them—and if I like what they said in the first two hours they were speaking—then I want them to sell to me.

I want to find out what other value they can offer me to improve my business or my life. After all, that’s what sales is all about in the first place.

So just have a look at your own thoughts around ‘selling’ and ‘being sold.’ And if you need to make an adjustment in your mindset here, then make that positive adjustment.

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Talk to you soon,

Matt Lloyd