Case Study: How I manage a virtual staff of over 100 people around the world…

Case Study: How I manage a virtual staff of over 100 people around the world…


So I’m back on the road.  Right now it’s 6am and I’m in a London airport coffee shop, after sitting through a 14 hour flight.  Shortly, I’ll be boarding a 10 hour flight to Charlotte, then a few more hours to Florida.

I’m going there to attend a 3 day training event for ceo’s and company owners on how to scale company’s faster and more effectively.

No matter what level of success you reach in business, I’m a big believer in continually investing in your own education.  It’s the only way you’ll get to the next level.

After that event I fly 35 hours to Sydney, to put on the first Super Charge Summit of 2016 for our MOBE affiliates, where I’ll be training them on how to dramatically increase their earnings.

Then it’s to Hong Kong for a night to open a new company, and then finally… I fly home.

It’s going to be a grueling trip. But don’t feel too sorry for me;  I love this life.

I especially love training our affiliates and helping them succeed.

When MOBE began it’s affiliate program way back in early 2011, it was a big deal to see one of them make a sale.

Back then, the commissions were much smaller (they started out at $48), and I’d call back every single affiliate who made a sale.  I think I was more excited about it than they were!

Fast forward to today, and we’ve now paid out $49,690,371.05 in total commissions.

I’m just as grateful for the thousands of affiliates we have these days (including the ones who are yet to make their first sale) as I was way back in 2011.

One of our first ‘super affiliates’ was a guy called John Chow, who as of today just crossed over $2,000,000 with our affiliate program.

He came on board back in September of 2012, after we met at a mastermind event in San Diego.

I was talking to John the other night on Skype and he asked me a question about building large companies through a virtual staff.

His question was: “How do you manage a staff of over 100 people, when they are scattered throughout the world?”

Even though you might not yet have hired your first staff member (or first few), you’ll get tremendous value from watching my answer below in this video:  Watch Here.

At some point if you want to keep scaling your business and breaking through new revenue ceilings, you’ve got to build a team.  (without my team behind me, MOBE wouldn’t be a 1/100th of it’s current size today).

Also, while we’re on the topic of building teams – don’t feel you need to have 100s of staff to make a lot of money online.  John has less than 5 staff in his company, (which he talks about at the end of the video) and yet he still makes millions.

Part of the reason he’s been able to make the kind of money he has with so few staff, is because he promotes other company’s like mine as an affiliate.

This way, he doesn’t have to create the products, put on the live events, manage entire teams of sales staff, deal with thousands of support tickets every month, and have staff overheads that cost over 100k a month.

He lets people like me manage all of that, and he focuses on one thing; sending targeted traffic to our offers.

My company then goes to work on converting his traffic, and getting him paid.

One of the hot offers that is currently doing really well for John, is our new ‘Internet Funnel System.

This $49 course shows the client how to get involved in ‘high ticket affiliate marketing’ (the same that John does) so you can make larger affiliate commissions.  Right up to 10k per sale.

A very large % of John’s 2m has come from promoting high ticket programs.

Think about it for a second;  if you’re goal is 10k / month, do you think it’s easier to find 1,000 customers each month who will buy a $10 ebook?  Or, do you think it’s easier to find just ONE customer who will pay 10k for a high value program?

The latter is much easier.

And this course will teach you how.

I’ll be in touch soon – I’m not sure which country I’ll be in, but till we talk next… keep scaling your business.

Talk soon,