Explained on a boat in Spain—the 1 thing you must do daily to get paid.

Explained on a boat in Spain—the 1 thing you must do daily to get paid.


You know, even after all these years of doing online marketing full time, I still get constantly distracted with petty, stupid, insignificant, non-income producing things when I’m trying to focus on building my business.

I must have wasted 45 minutes already today watching people’s Snapchat videos, browsing though my Facebook news feed, and watching all the US election videos on Youtube.

It’s a constant battle to eliminate distractions and pull my focus back on to the important, high leverage, high revenue tasks …

So you’re not alone if you suffer from this.

Everyone does—what’s important is that you vigilantly monitor what you’re doing in any given moment and ask, “is this the highest leverage use of my time?

High performance people answer ‘yes’ to that question a lot more than the rest of the masses.

If you’re not happy with the amount of money you’re making right now in your business, it all comes down to how you’re spending your minutes throughout the day.

boat-in-spainA couple months back I was in Spain hosting our Platinum Mastermind, and we rented out a few boats to take our attendees on for a sunset cruise.

Danny, one of our attendees, asked why so many people fail to make decent money online. After I explained why, I then took a few minutes to explain the main thing you need to focus on every day to bring in the dollars.

Watch it Here.

I hope this video brings you clarity.

I’m off for a run, before getting into tonight’s meetings.

Talk soon,


PS. If you’re in a rush and can’t watch the video … I’ll sum it up here.

Most people go wrong with these 3 things:

  1. The “shiny object” syndrome (they’re obsessed with the ‘new, hot thing’ and never focus on mastering one thing)
  2. Getting stuck in learning mode. Learning is great. But if you’re not applying your new knowledge, it’s completely useless. In fact it’s worse than useless, because it leads to overwhelm, which leads to more inaction / paralysis. Always. Be. Taking. Action.
  3. Never owned or operated a business before—so taking full responsibility and holding themselves accountable does not always come naturally. Instead, focus on things like placing ads, having conversations with targeted leads, and anything else that directly relates to putting money into your pockets and growing your business.

The main thing you should focus on:

  • Send targeted, paid traffic to a high converting offer. Ideally one in which you can get paid back-end commissions without having to be involved in the sales process.

The high converting offer should lead to a good HTAM (High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing) system.

The best one in the industry is right here.

In a couple months we’ll be celebrating crossing $70 million in total commissions paid out withthis same system. It works, as long as you focus on sending traffic. And, it includes training on exactly how to send the right traffic too.