Five Proven Ways to Stay Focused and Overcome Procrastination

Five Proven Ways to Stay Focused and Overcome Procrastination

Recently, one of my friends asked me a very interesting question …

“In the online business industry, there are so many different tasks to multitask and products to promote, so how do you stay focused, prioritize your time, and schedule yourself to stay on track and accomplish everything that needs to get done?”

If you have an online business, and you’re having trouble staying focused, don’t worry, because its something we ALL struggle with. Trust me, I struggle to stay focused throughout the day myself.

Even at the seven-figure level, I still get distracted constantly with all the normal things Facebook and YouTube. So here are …

Five Proven Ways to Stay Focused and Overcome Distractions

1. Use Public Accountability to Get Things Done

If you’re the kind of person who naturally procrastinates like me, and you’re also a bit of a perfectionist, you don’t always execute.

Many people do this, because they want everything to be perfect, and they want all the knowledge before they execute.

One of the ways to shortcut this procrastination and avoid it, is to announce to the world or to your audience, your list or even on Facebook that you are going to do something and put a deadline on it.

When you set a date for your webinar or event, you’re using public accountability to ensure you actually meet that deadline.

For example if you’re going to do a webinar, you should go to your email list and your social networks, and announce that webinar.

You should schedule it for maybe three or four days into the future. You should go ahead and announce it to your audience at this point, even if you haven’t done any preparation for it …

You haven’t prepared slides yet, and you haven’t prepared any content … All you know is the title you’ve thought of, and the few bullet points of what you’ll cover and maybe what you’re selling at the end. That’s it.

Now that you’ve announced it to the world, suddenly you have whole audience of people counting on you.

If they sign-up for the event, they’re expecting you to have it ready to present, so you can use that accountability to stay focused when you find yourself getting distracted.

The impending deadline keeps you on track and gives you that external pressure you might need to follow-through.

2. Take the Shortest Path to Success

Another way to overcome procrastination in your business is to you stay focused on the shortest path between point A and point

B. Point A is where you start out—Point B is you getting cash and you getting customers.

If you don’t have customers coming in, you don't yet have a real business.

You need to take the shortest path to bringing in cash flow right now. Don’t put it off any longer—do it today.

Today, you should place a paid Facebook ad, generate a lead, follow-up with that lead by email or phone, have a conversation and ask them to buy—ask them to commit and actually make a purchase.

One thing I find puzzling is many people choose a much longer path even though they know the shortest path to making the money. But most people procrastinate, because having a sales conversation with a stranger is uncomfortable.

So they avoid the things that bring in money, and they find ways to remain busy versus productive.

For example, some people get completely wrapped-up designing a new fancy logo, or they can spend days and days writing a blog …

They do things that make them feel like they’re moving forward in their business, but it's really just busy work that doesn’t actually bring in revenue.

3. Priority #1—Face your fears and get that first sale

Getting you’re first sale needs to be your number one priority, especially in the beginning.

If you are not bringing in revenue, or getting that first sale, you don’t really have a real business. That’s the bottom line.

So my advice is to stay focused when you’re starting out, look for the low-hanging fruit.

You must force yourself to do that thing you fear, even if it makes you uncomfortable or is outside your comfort zone.

I have so many distractions in my day-to-day life …

When I get back to my office and get on Skype, I have about 40 conversations going right now. I usually mark them as unread and put on my to-do list to follow-up with later. I also have an email inbox full of hundreds, thousands of emails and many Facebook messages.

But even though I have so many different distractions, here’s how I stay a focused … I think to myself, “All these emails and social media are NOT moving my business forward.”

Then I think to myself, “What’s the one thing that I need to do right now that’s going to bring in new customers and take us to the next level”

I try to stay focused on bringing in new customers, and everything else I procrastinate on, like those 40 Skype conversations. I’ll get back those people, but if they have to wait a few days then so be it. They are going to wait because I MUST make the business my number one priority.

Many people put everyone else’s agendas ahead of theirs …

They’re constantly spending their time reacting and responding to what other people want. This still happens with me too sometimes—getting distracted by Facebook or YouTube, etc.

But ultimately, my business is the number one priority and everyone else can wait. That's just my attitude to it.

4. First Thing in the Morning—Work on Bringing in Customers

As soon as you wake up, the number one thing you need to do is bring in customers for that day.

So when you get out of bed, you go and sit down in front of your computer, and the first thing you think is, “what is the one thing I can do right now that’s going to bring me a customer?”

You need traffic. You need people to actually see your offer. If no one sees your offer, they’re not going to buy, so what’s your offer?

For example, let’s say you are promoting a new e-book. What’s the one thing you can do right now to get an e-book buyer?

The one thing you can do right away to get traffic is you need to promote and place a paid ad out there.

You could go to Facebook and place a paid ad, and decide how much you’re going to start spending each day. Let’s say that’s $40 or $50, whatever you’re comfortable with. With that budget, you WILL have traffic coming in.

And once you’re collecting leads, you need to be emailing those leads. You need to make sure we’re emailing them every single day, and make a special offer where you will get on the phone with them for a 30-minute consultation.

Explain the benefits they will get when they reply to talk to you.

Keep on doing that and before you know it, you’ll have leads, really targeted leads saying, “Yes, please call me back.”

5. Pick up the Phone and Call You’re Prospect

Now that your prospect responded, and you know they want to talk, it’s time for you pick up the phone and make those calls, have a conversation with them, and try to make a sale.

On the phone, it’s NOT just a friendly chat—it’s a sales conversation leading them towards buying your product.

Before you call them, you should make sure to write out a list of bullet points with questions you want to ask them, and also write out you’re answers to those questions. Write (or type) it all out so you can stay on track through the call.

When you get them on the phone, ask them questions about their income goals, and ask why they are interested in being an online business owner.

Answer their questions about your business and the product you’re offering the best you can, but always remember to lead it towards the asking them to buy that product from you.

The questions you ask are all leading to the end with you asking the question, “Do you want to buy?”

If you’re having enough of those conversations, it really is just a numbers game. Selling comes with time and practice, but if you’re consistent, then at some point you’re going to start getting people buying.

If you have enough of those conversations every day, then you WILL get sales. But most people are not having those kinds of conversations, which means they are not making money in this

Most people are doing everything else they can to avoid the things that actually bring in cash. But since you don’t want to be like most people, you need to do things that bring in the cash.

The things that bring in cash usually make most people uncomfortable, but you don’t want to be “most people.” You want to rise above the crowd.

As soon as you get out of bed everyday, you should do those things that are actually going to bring in cash now today.

In order to do this, you just have to force your way through the things that make you uncomfortable. That’s you’re number one priority if you want to make money.

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