Forget evolutions. How to create REVOLUTIONS in your industry…

Forget evolutions. How to create REVOLUTIONS in your industry…


Have you ever known someone who always has incredible ideas for making money, or making changes in their business to take things to the next level?

The greatest entrepreneurs in the world all have this ability; to out-think and out-innovate their competitors.

When I was first starting MOBE, it was coming up with those big ideas which really got us the initial momentum.

Back in those days, I’d fall to sleep listen to my Dan Kennedy audios.

In one of his lessons he said that as a business owner, you can look around at what everyone else in your niche is doing to get your ideas.  And this is what most do.

Before you know it, everyone is copying each other, and you have an entire industry of look-alike business’s.

But every so often a business will come along with entirely new, innovative ideas which completely change the rules of the game.

Like what Uber did to the Taxi business.

Or what Airbnb did to the Hotel industry.

Or what iTunes did to the music industry (and what Spotify did to iTunes).

One of the greatest transformations took place in the restaurant industry more than half a century ago, and that was…

The invention of the “Drive-Thru.”

When you think of a Drive-Thru window, you probably see images of McDonald’s.

But the first business to have a drive through option was not a restaurant at all—it was the City Center Bank in Syracuse, New York, which opened a drive-through in 1928 for the convenience of busy bank customers.

It wasn’t until 1948 that a restaurant used a Drive-Thru. The In-N-Out Burger’s first restaurant, with its intercom ordering system and its lack of both inside seating and outside parking was likely the first to offer the complete drive-thru package.

Someone saw that a particular bank had a drive-through, and they thought, “Can we apply this to restaurants?,” and that just sparked off an entire revolution—a major innovation in the restaurant industry.

By the 1960’s, Jack-in-the-Box and Wendy’s had adopted Drive-thrus. By the mid-1970’s, McDonald’s adopted the idea. And by the 1980’s, almost every car on the road had more cup holders than seats. All because of the Drive-thru.

You can do the same thing!

Just start by looking around at other businesses in different industries, and you can get some really good ideas about how you can apply them to the business that you’re involved in.

How to create new big ideas for your business…

When I get myself into that quiet place and start brainstorming new ideas I think, “Okay, what can I do to move the company forwards? What are those big shifts that we can make where the company, one year from now, it’s going to be 50% the size it is today? What new products, what new marketing campaigns can we create?”

A big idea usually makes things easier for your customers—but more importantly, it solves a common problem—it makes a process hassle free. So that’s what I try to do on a regular basis.

For at least 30 minutes a day, and an hour is even better, I turn off Wi-Fi, I turn off my phone, and try to avoid all other distractions.

I have to literally leave the office and go into a different environment…

It’s hard to be creative and brainstorm new ideas from behind a computer screen when there’s so much ‘busy work’ going on (like responding to emails, answering messages on Skype, returning phone calls, etc).

Office work has its own place of course, but it’s not high level creative work—it’s the busy work. So I like to move myself out of that environment.

Sometimes I go to a Starbucks.  Or maybe I’ll go for a walk in the park, and sometimes I even just go back to my apartment and work at my kitchen table. I come up with my best ideas when I’m alone with no distractions.

Another place where I get some of my very best ideas is on airplanes.

I’ll spend up to 1/3 of my year traveling around the world these days, especially with all the events I attend and speak at.

If I’m taking a trip to the U.S. from Malaysia, it’s about a 25+ hour trip to get there.  Which I actually love, because it gives me time to think with no distractions.

On the airplane, I don’t have WiFi, I don’t have people pinging me on Skype, or knocking on my door.  I’m able to think up some really, really big ideas. I sit there and literally just type out my ideas in a text edit file on my MacPro.

This text edit file is called ‘The Future Of MOBE’ and I use it every time I start to brainstorm about new ideas.

Here are some recent ideas I have had for MOBE in these brainstorming sessions:

-Buying Resorts: renting out resorts for our masterminds costs a fortune.  Some of the more expensive ones have cost over half a million dollars, for less than a week!  So I had the idea to start acquiring resorts and build them into the MOBE business model as a reinvestment strategy.

Last year we got our first one in Costa Rica, and this year I’m looking to get one more.  Either Fiji or Thailand.

-MOBE Motors: I decided that a huge motivation for my consultants would be to start a program where they can win a free car. The idea was “Get the vehicle of your dreams, without having to pay for it!”

The idea is pretty simple…Every time you earn a commission, you also contribute towards earning MOBE Motors Points. These points can be traded in for cash to be used towards the lease of your brand new vehicle. In other words, MOBE will cover the costs for you. This one simple idea has earned hundreds of people a free car, and they are also making for sales for MOBE of course. It’s a win-win (by the way, go to to see how well this idea is working).

-MOBE Vacations: Another idea I’m thinking about right now is called MOBE Vacations… We already have MOBE Motors for a free car, but this would be MOBE Vacation points, so people can earn points to travel and to come back to the Masterminds and have it all paid for. I got this idea in one of my 30-minute brainstorm sessions.  Now that we have the resort, and will soon have more, it makes this idea even better.

-New Products: The first few products we had at MOBE were advanced marketing programs like the Titanium, Platinum, and Diamond packages. But one day I was on an airplane, and I started thinking, “Okay, I’ve got Titanium, Platinum, Diamond, but now I think I need entry level products that share continuity with that theme of metals, like titanium, platinum and then the diamond.” So I thought, “Okay, Silver and Gold.”

-Free Trials: Recently, I think one of the bigger things that we did recently is we came out with a seven-day free trial. This idea was actually in response to what I saw some competition doing.

So I did the same thing McDonald’s did when it copied In-N-Out Burger…

They were offering a trial (a paid trial), and I thought, “Okay, well what’s better than that?” A seven-day free trial where you pay nothing upfront.

Ever since we implemented that small change at MOBE sales have spiked, and it brings us a whole bunch of new front end buyers every single day.

So sometimes your big innovations are also in response to what competition does.

They’ll do something, and then you need to ‘one-up’ them do make a better version of their something.

-WiFi Millionaire: My most recent big idea came when I was at a resort in Thailand.

I had just checked-in to my room, and the first thing I wanted to do was check my computer and see where sales were at.  To an internet marketer like me, WiFi is like oxygen!

So I called the front desk, got the password for the WiFi, and for the next 30 minutes was immersed in checking all my key stats and how well the business was doing.

Within just a few minutes, I got a new message that I had made a few thousand dollars in commissions. In just the time that I was sitting there!

I started thinking how lucky I was to be able to make money in literally every corner of the planet—24/7…

Then I had another “A-ha” moment… all of this—being able to check my email, Skype, Facebook, and getting the sale was ALL made possible because of the WiFi connection. What seemed like a normal ordinary thing that has become almost second nature, is actually giving people all over the world a very real opportunity.

Now literally anybody can make millions with their laptop or phone—anywhere in the world, as long as they have that WiFi connection.

So I started to write about it that same day.  I started to write a ‘How-To’ guide for making a very good income from home, or anywhere in the world, as long as you have that WiFi connection.

It’s about 40 pages long, and I’m calling it WiFi Millionaire.

When I release it next week, it’s going to show you how to model MOBE’s million dollar strategies to bring in more online leads and sales.

Just keep an eye out for my emails next week, and you’ll be able to pick up a copy for yourself.

Talk soon,

Matt Lloyd


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