hey… and um… sorry

hey… and um… sorry


So one of the worst things you can do as an email marketer, is to let your list go cold.

If you mail every couple of days, then suddenly disappear for a month, that’s not good.  You can expect response-rates to plummet.

Well I’m guilty of doing just that.

I’m sorry it’s been so ridiculously long since I last reached out… what can I say?  Things have just been crazy.

But crazy in a good way.

So in a nutshell here’s what I’ve been up to;

My focus has been on getting the new Sunset Del Mar Resort in Costa Rica ready.

It’s come a LONG way.  If you check the pictures on that website, most of them don’t do the current state of it justice.

Our swimming pool now has marble all around it.  Our new lobby is almost ready to open to the public.  All 23 rooms are looking great.  And now I’m getting a quote from a major construction company to build another 25 rooms before the end of this year (we’re going to need a much bigger resort to keep up with all the mastermind events we’re doing).

Besides that, I’ve flown to and from Fiji in the last few weeks to work on acquiring an island (it still makes me chuckle to actually say that – just 8 years ago, I was pushing lawn mowers!!)

The island is 48 acres, and it’s just incredible.  I’ve been there about 6 times now, and every time I go there I just think how surreal the place is.

My plans are to build a big 200 room resort there over the next 3 – 5 years.

It’s going to cost big bucks, and I’ll be getting some help on the financing side, as well as consulting on resort development.

Here’s a mock up of the design plans an Australian team put together:

I’ll admit, this whole thing is waaay outside of my comfort zone.  But it sure is fun.

There’s a 23 room resort in bad shape there now, which I’ll start renovating as soon as the final paperwork for the deal is done.

If all goes to plan with the renovation (and I’ve learned a few things after Costa Rica), then I hope to be using this island for MOBE Masterminds in early 2018.

Lastly, the other thing happening throughout all of this has been the non-stop MOBE Masterminds at Sunset Del Mar.  We’ve done a couple Titaniums, and a Diamond.  Another Titanium will start in 2 days.

So like I’ve said – crazy times.

How have things been going with you?

Are you still focused on building your business?  Are you still as hungry as you were when you first started?

I think that’s a big secret of being successful in business; you’ve got to keep that same level of hunger you had when you had no customers, no fancy office, nothing.  Just hopes and dreams, a few good ideas, and a lot of desire.

Perhaps you’re still at that stage.  If you are, hang in there.  Persist with it, and apply yourself.

Marketing, generating sales and recruiting talent to build your team are not natural skills for a lot of entrepreneurs (including myself).  But they can be learned over time through taking a lot of action, and making adjustments along the way based on the feedback you’re getting.

Anyway, I mainly just wanted to reach out and say sorry for not sending you the normal training content I like to share every few days in such a long time.

I’ll get back into my rhythm with that moving forwards.

Before I go, I will share a valuable insight I had last week.

I’d just got back from my Fiji trip, and I arrived half-way through a Diamond Mastermind.

We had 25 paying clients (each had invested $30,000 for this 11-night mastermind), and each was very serious about building their business into 6 figure+ / year operation.

I told them that the money in this business is NOT in getting new traffic… rather, it’s in being a better converter of traffic into sales.

75% of the results you get will come from your ability to convert website browsers into paying customers.

Once you get those skills down, then getting traffic is easy.  You just go buy it, and you have the funds to pay more than your competition because you’re converting at a higher rate.

One of the fastest ways to convert is to get a group of people on a webinar, deliver some content, and then make an offer to buy something at the end.

So I asked who in the audience had done a webinar before.  Maybe 3 hands went up.

So right then and there I gave everyone in the room a challenge; do your first webinar within the next 48 hours.

When I asked who wanted to do this, less than half the hands went up.

So I offered them each an incentive.  I offered to give them each about $500 in buyer-lead traffic.

I asked again who would do the webinar.  All hands went up.

But then, I outlined the all-important consequences for not doing the webinar.

If a single person in the room did not get it done, then no one in the room would get any of the buyer lead traffic.

The reactions were quite funny.  Suddenly this challenge moved from being in the ‘good-intentioned-but-probably-not-going-to-get-done’ category, into a serious commitment.

For extra accountability, I even pulled out my phone and recorded everyones’ commitment in the audience and shared with my other Diamond members on Facebook:


48 hours later, every single person in that room had done their first sales webinar.

Most of them made a lot of mistakes (as I told them they would) – but they learned more from actually doing it, then 50 ‘how-to-do-a-webinar’ products or seminars would ever teach them.

The reason why people don’t execute in their business is quite simple; the desire to make a change does not outweigh the warm and familiar feeling of remaining in their comfort zone.  AND there’s not severe enough consequences for non-action.

Those things can be self-engineered to dramatically increase implementation, and that’s what I routinely do in my own business to get important things done.

If you struggle with implementing the high-income activities you know you should be doing, try doing your own version of my experiment above.  The results might surprise you.

I’ll be in touch,


Talk soon,