How to avoid getting ripped off when buying Solo Ads (Training Video)

How to avoid getting ripped off when buying Solo Ads (Training Video)


I think you’re going to get a lot of value out today’s video lesson.

It’s all about getting more traffic to your website.

More specifically, about using solo ads to get more traffic.

If you’ve ever tried using solo ads before, I’d be willing to bet money you’ve had some bad experiences.

Some solo ad seller told you how great his list was… maybe even showed you some screenshots of previous clients backoffice stats, and how many sales they’d got.

So you paid them a couple hundred bucks (or in some cases, a few thousand) and they sent out the email.

You got lots of clicks.  Maybe even lots of leads.

Titanium-stage And now, weeks / months later, you still haven’t seen a penny come back from that solo ad investment.

But not a single sale.

I just got back from our Titanium Mastermind in Pattaya, Thailand (that’s what the photo is of), and I must have met at least 20 people there who’d bought solo ads and got poor results with them.

The temptation is to blame the person who sold you the solo ad.

And in some cases, you have a legitimate case to blame them.

More often though, it’s the marketers’ follow up that is the problem.  It’s their skills at converting that need to be improved.

And if you have got a list now yet haven’t been able to make sales, don’t despair.  That’s quite fixable, if you’re willing to make your emails more engaging, put together some irresistible offers, and engage the hyper responsive people 1-on-1 to close some sales.

Here’s a video recording of a segment taken from a Diamond Mastermind I did last year in Mexico… where someone asked me about doing solo ads properly.

It’s over 20 minutes long, but if you watch it in full then then amount of aggravation it saves you will make it well worth it:

ask-matt-lloyd-picIf you’re looking for a place to get solo ads, I actually have a company that can help you with that.

It’s called ‘‘ – we go and buy solo ads in bulk (not the little $75 ones you see promoted in marketing forums, but big 10k+ media buy ones) and then we offer the clicks through our agency.

Whatever clicks we don’t sell, I just use in my own marketing.

Please only buy clicks from me if you intend to do a really good job following up with the leads, otherwise you’re probably not going to get good results.

Talk soon, 

Matt Lloyd

P.S.  An example of someone who followed up correctly with their MOBE solo ad traffic, is 78-year-old Dale Bundy.

Dale is one of our Diamond consultants.  He’s got an email list of about 4,000 people he’s built up over the years, and through getting traffic from  

When MOBE did an event in New York City a few months back, Dale decided to promote it to his list.

From the emails he sent out, he only got one single sale.  

He made $120 on the ticket he sold.

But then a week later, that customer ended up buying some of our other programs at the live event… and, Dales commissions grew to $18,000.  

You can imagine how happy he was.

Dale-mobe-affiliateWell in addition to that, 2 days ago Dale hadanother big sale come in – this time he made $12,500.

When I heard about this, I decided to personally call Dale myself and congratulate him.  Here’s the recording (see his reaction at 2:27 in the video):

Listen to the recording here.

I’m sharing this with you because it’s a great example of what can happen when you persist, and it also shows why it’s so important to promote regularly to your list, even when the commissions on your front end product are small.

Dale made just $120 on the initial sale in this example.  Nothing to get too excited about.

But without that initial sale, he wouldn’t have had the next 30k in commissions come in over the next few months.  So there’s a very important lesson in this.