How to Brand Yourself Even If You Don’t Have Any Sales?

How to Brand Yourself Even If You Don’t Have Any Sales?

If you’re brand new to the “Make Money Online” niche, it can be quite intimidating to put yourself out there.

You have a burning desire to build your brand as quickly as possible, but you still haven’t made any money online, so how in the world do you get started?

When I first started, I used to think about this all the time, because I had absolutely no results. My biggest struggle was figuring out how to position myself so people would actually want to buy from me and follow me on Facebook.

This is a very common obstacle that every affiliate marketer must overcome in the beginning, so let me explain three simple ways you can start branding yourself—even if you haven’t made a sale yet online …

1. Be Completely Honest with Your Prospect

First of all, let’s discuss what not to do. Many people try to “fake it until they make it.”

They try to come across as if they’re making all this money when in fact they’re not. This is something you definitely don’t want to do, because number one, most people can see right through it—and number two, it’s not really that honest.

It’s a little bit disingenuous to pretend you’re making a lot of money when you’re not—putting yourself out there as if you’ve made all this money and you have all the success when you haven’t. In the end you’ll look like a fraud, especially if someone goes behind you and checks the facts.

So my first piece of advice is just to be very honest about the fact that you’re brand new and haven’t yet gotten results. People care less about that than you might think. They’re mainly thinking about themselves and how they can benefit from this.

People do business with people they like.

When I first got into this industry back in late 2008, I had a choice between two different companies and two different people I could sign up with …

One of them was making $50,000 a month in one company, and he was very successful. The other person was in a similar company, but she had never made a sale in her life.

I ended up choosing the lady who had never made a sale in her life over the $50,0000 per month earner, and here’s why …

I felt much more comfortable talking with her. I felt she was a genuine person and really understood my goals. And I really liked her positive attitude. I felt like if I needed help I would get a lot more support from her.

But the “big earner” made me feel more like a number or just another sales- quota she was trying to reach, and she was very pushy with me. So I chose the one with less experience.

You see, new affiliates aren’t just looking for the guru with the big checkbook. The most important thing they care about is if the person actually cares if they become successful too.

So if you’re talking with a new prospect, and they ask you how much money you’ve made, just be honest with them …

You can say, “Look I’m not some fancy guru. I don’t have big million dollar checks to show you. The truth is I’m a normal person, I’m just like you on this journey but I am learning, I am very committed, and I do plan on going places and if you want to come along for the ride. And as I learn things along the way, I will teach you those things as well.

2. Bring Them along with You on the Journey

The second thing you should do is position yourself as someone who’s on a journey—someone who will bring them along for the adventure.

Explain how you’ll be attending a lot of live events; how you’ll be interviewing a lot of very successful people, and if they get started with you, then you’ll share access to all of your findings and knowledge with them.

You’ll be investing a lot of time and money in these things, and you’ll pass what you learn to them for Free—a huge benefit for anyone.

For example, let’s say you create a private Facebook group. If you’ve never done this, it’s really quite simple. Just look through the Facebook settings and you can create a group with a catchy name in about 90 seconds.

Then you put all your new buyers and customers into this group. So it’s like you’ve created this exclusive “insiders” group. They can only get into your group when they become a client.

When you’re talking with new prospects, you can tell them you have this private Facebook group that you only share with your paid clients. And if they want full access to it, they need to invest in this program and get started with you. As soon as they sign up, you add them to the insider group.

What you’re doing here is saying because you’re investing all this time and money, they won’t have to do it so much, and you will pass everything you learn to them.

Plus, you’re embarking on the journey of a lifetime, and you’re going to include them in the adventure with you.

3. Find Successful People and Leverage Their Results

The third thing you should do is find successful people and leverage their results. For example, when you go to a live training or event, there will be a lot of successful people walking around.

So if you’re brand new, start talking with these successful people. Take pictures with them.

Take out your phone and ask them, “Hey do you mind if I just record a quick video interview and I’m only going to ask you one question.“ You’ll find the vast majority of time they will say yes. If it’s just one quick question, they’ll be fine with it.

Then you can take that video and turn it into content you can share with your audience.

Even if you haven’t made millions of dollars yet in this niche, you can go find people who have—and leverage their results.

Brand yourself by association with them, and you’ll find that even though you’re not claiming to be as successful as them, people will see you alongside that really successful person.

And some of that person’s positioning in their branding transfers across to you and your branding.

4. Take Screenshots of Your Results

Here’s another thing you can do to start branding yourself. Every time that you get a positive result, you need to leverage it, and one of the best ways is to take screenshots of your success along the way.

For example, let’s say in your first month and you get three sales and you make $1,250 each time. Now, all you need to do is login to your back office, or even your bank account and take a screenshot.

When you do this, it creates instant credibility, because now you can tell people, “I’ve only been doing this for a month, and I’ve already made

$3,750. In fact, I was able to make $1,250 online in one day, and here’s the proof.”

When you show people your results, they will be more likely to believe they can do this themselves.

In fact, you could even start a lot smaller than that …

For example, even before you made $3,750 in a month, you probably had smaller results. Maybe you generated seven leads in a single day.

And it might be surprising to you, but most people don’t know how to get seven leads in a day—so you would be giving a lot value to them just by helping them get more leads.

You could take a screenshot of your new leads, and show them those results too. You can say, “Hey look, I might not yet be this big fancy guru who’s making millions of dollars, but I do know how to generate leads. In fact, on my best day I’ve generated seven leads, just look at this screenshot.”

You never know what they’re thinking—maybe they haven’t yet figured out how to generate even one lead, but YOU can show them how.

Tell them, “If you’d like me to show you how, I’ll get on the phone with you, I’ll walk you through it step-by- step and I’ll give you a Free 30-minute consultation when you get started in this program.“ And then when they buy whatever program you’re selling, you call them for 30 minutes and tell them how to get new leads.

Here’s the point …

Every result you get, whether it’s your first few clicks, you have your first bit of traffic coming in, your first few leads or even sales—you can leverage ALL these results to position yourself as the expert.

And over time, as you keep on marketing and growing your business, you will soon start making some good high-ticket commissions.

You’ll get to where you can make $3,000 in one day, and eventually you’ll have your first $10,000 a day. The moment that happens, then you can really talk about it.

From that point forward, you can tell people you can show them how to make $3,000 or even $10,000 in one day.

As long as you keep building your brand, and leveraging your results, someday you will discover that you have actually become the expert—the online marketing guru.

Hopefully you can use these three tips to create leverage in your business when first starting out and get started building your own personal brand.

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Talk soon,

Matt Lloyd