How to Build an Online Business If You’re Not Technical?

How to Build an Online Business If You’re Not Technical?


I was recently talking with my friend Karen, from Oxford in the UK, and she had a very good question I’ve been getting a lot lately. Here was Karen’s question …

“If I’m not technical, so how can I build an online business?”

This is a very good question, especially if you feel like you are not very technical.

We have many people who come in and get involved with our affiliate program, but many of them are baby boomers. They didn’t grow up with computers like Millennials, and a lot of them are just not very technical.

Not being good with computers becomes a very real barrier for many people—at least in their mind.

But here’s the thing …

We are not in the online marketing or the Internet marketing business. We are in the direct response marketing business.

The Internet is really just a channel for reaching out to new customers. But that doesn’t mean you need to be technical or good with computers …

For example, I’ve seen people in my affiliate program who know how to send email, know how to use Facebook, but pretty much can’t do anything else …

But they still make hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions of dollars in this industry. And it’s all because they understand what business they’re in.

You are in the direct response marketing business—and you’re in the selling business.

When you know how to sell, and you know how to get people to take action (buying from you), you’ll make a lot of money in this business.

Programmers Are Not the Highest Paid Entrepreneurs

If the amount of money a person made in business was dependent upon how technical they were, the highest paid entrepreneurs would be programmers—but they’re not.

I’m a very successful entrepreneur—earning over $150 million in commissions—but I’m certainly not a programmer. I know very basic HTML code, and that’s only because I’ve been doing this for seven years, and I’ve seen little bits of it here and there.

But I’m a slow learner when it comes to the technical things online. So when I started out, that was a big barrier for me. I thought, “I’m not technical enough to build websites, how am I ever going to do this”

Then, after nine months of not making any money, I finally realized that I was actually in the selling business.

You Can Save a Lot of Time of Money When You Outsource the Technical Things

All those technical things you’re worried about can be mostly outsourced. You can find other people who are good at those technical things to do them for you.

You don’t have to build a website, or create a lead capture page, or even a sales funnel. These things could take you hundreds of hours, and you’ll barely even become an amateur at it. You could just hire someone to do it for you in a fraction of the time.

Find someone from,, or … Or you could find someone at your local university who can do that for you for minimal investment.

The first person I ever hired …

The very first person I ever hired when I started out my online business was in 2009. I was at Stewart University before I dropped out …

I went to the university library and posted on a piece of paper, “I’m looking for computer science students who can work for me and I’ll pay you.” I offered $12 an hour all-cash, and I said, “I want you to come and spend a couple of hours a day with me, two or three times a week.”

It didn’t take long to find someone who could help me … he was an exchange student from Iran, and he was getting his Master’s degree in computer science.

So for two-or- three hours a day, he would come to my house and I’d sit side-by- side with him. And he would build my websites, lead pages, and ad designs right there in front of me.

I would see him creating lead capture pages, figuring out how to put together an email order responder, and he did it and I just observed.

That’s when I felt an instant transition in my entire business …

I realized in that moment, that I didn’t need to know how to do these things, and if I try and learn how to do these things it’s probably going to take me years anyway.

I finally realized I just needed to focus on learning direct response marketing, learning to write sales copy, and learning how to sell—because those are the things that get you paid in this business.

On the other hand, coding websites does not get you paid. I think it’s far more important for a person to learn how to sell, learn how to write copy, and study direct response marketing—rather than spend years learning how to design a website.

You’re time would be spent better by learning from people like Dan Kennedy and Gary Howard, studying their books and learning how to market, how to sell with direct response marketing.

But if you spend all your time building websites, researching email autoresponders, and trying to learn those ‘technical’ things—you’re wasting productive time that you could be making money in your business.

Yes you are saving a little bit of money, but you’re wasting valuable time you could be making so much more money.

But Shouldn’t You Learn about Traffic?

Many people reading this might also say, “Well, what about traffic? Don’t I need to learn how to do the technical things when it comes to traffic?”

The answer is yes—it really helps if you can drive traffic, whether it’s online or offline.

But you can also drive traffic to a page online with offline marketing methods—like placing an ad in the newspaper, placing an ad in a magazine, doing radio ads, or sending a promotion through direct mail.

The trick is, get good at one of those things, focus on the one you’re best at, and make that all you do until you’e really good—until you’re consistently getting leads.

But let’s say you decide to do online traffic. Ideally, you need to find someone who’s really good at it—a person who has they’re own course on getting online traffic.

And make sure the course is recent, because a lot of these things are always changing. For example, Facebook pay-per-click today is very different to what it was six-months ago. So you need to find something recent, someone who you know has gotten results, and study their material.

For every one-hour you spend learning and watching their training, you should actually spend about four-to- five hours actually doing it.

That’s the part everyone usually gets wrong … They do it the other way around—spending four-hours on training, then maybe one-hour actually doing it.

You need to make sure you are actually implementing what they are teaching you.

And here’s piece of advice …

Even Traffic Can Be Outsourced

It’s hard to outsource when you don’t even know anything about it, so most people end up getting ripped-off and taken advantage of. Some companies will take a lot of money from newbies and give them really poor quality traffic.

But you can also find reliable people who are good at what they do when it comes to generating traffic—people you can trust.

It usually just takes going through a few people until you find the right one. My advice is to find someone who’s making good money online, and someone you actually trust.

If you don’t know someone like that, find someone who you know has got results and seems trustworthy, then pay them for their time, get them on the phone, do a consulting session with them, and get referrals from them about who they use to drive their traffic.

Here’s an example …

When we do our live events all around the world, I’m not sitting there placing ads and driving traffic to our live events. I actually have people who do that for me, who I trust, and who come very highly recommended.

I have one lady in the UK right now who just started promoting one of our live events in Australia using Facebook ads. She’s in charge of creating the lead capture page, spending the money, giving me daily reports on the results …

She came very highly recommended from a speaking colleague of mine—a guy who does his own live events. I know he fills up the room, and she fills his rooms for him, so now I’m paying her to fill my rooms.

To find the best traffic people who really know what they’re doing, it also helps if you do have a decent budget. If you’re only looking to spend $5 a day, they’re not going to waste their time, because they can get people who have a much bigger budget.

Some people out there have a bigger budget than you do, so naturally they make more money. In order to get really good traffic people to drive traffic for you, yes, it definitely helps if you have a big budget …

But my advice is to pick one traffic method yourself, like Facebook ads, and learn how to do it through actually doing it.

Even if you’re not that technical, you can pick it up if you actually attempt and do it.

Most people just don’t practice enough, and then they complain about not being technical enough. But they just need to practice a lot more.

And trust me, through enough practice you will soon figure out how to do it—you’ll figure out how to make money online.

So to sum up … NO, you absolutely do NOT need to be technical to make good money online … I know plenty of people who make more than six figures, some even more than seven figures—millions of dollars per year—who only know how to use Facebook and email, and that’s about it.

The reason they are so successful is because they go and find talented people to handle their traffic, and they just pay them.

And you can do the same thing. In fact, if you want to cut your learning curve even faster, let me

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