How to Handle Negative Publicity—and When to Hire a Lawyer?

How to Handle Negative Publicity—and When to Hire a Lawyer?


If you’re on the rise in your business, starting to make consistent money online, and start positioning yourself as an expert—then you WILL encounter negative comments or reviews at some point.

You Can’t Please Everybody …

As for me, I definitely have some experience in this in the last seven years. There are people out there who like to trash MOBE, trash talk me, and definitely trash our products.

Often, when you’re reading these bad reviews (fake reviews), down at the bottom, after they’re done trashing you or other people, of course they conveniently recommend their own solution. It’s just going to happen a lot, so that’s the first thing you need to accept.

When you become successful in this industry—as an affiliate marketer or ‘instant guru’—and you start building a brand for yourself, a lot of these people will come along and start talking trash about you.

Why Do People Trash Talk You?

It’s important to understand why people act like this, so you can also know how to respond and deal with it.

The main reason people say bad things about you is because they’re jealous …

Once you start getting momentum and getting some exposure online, then there will be people in your niche who get jealous, because they think you’re taking away their limelight.

So they go to Google and search specifically for your name. And search engines provide very targeted results.

Let’s say you’re becoming well known in affiliate marketing …

If someone searches for your name into Google, they’re probably in this industry. And they’re probably involved to the point where they know some of the guru’s names—like your name, for example.

You’ll also have competitors doing reviews around you. Some of them will be a lot cooler than the others, or they will say much better things, depending on whatever they’re comfortable with.

But of course, they will always recommend their own solution at the end. And don’t be surprised if some reviews are NOT so nice—and still promote themselves.

My First Negative Review

I first started experiencing negative reviews myself after I’d done about half a million dollars in revenue. It doesn’t come right away, but rest assured, it does come with great success in this industry.

How do you deal with a negative review?

First of all, don’t do what I did in the very beginning …

My first time getting a negative review was on the popular Internet marketing forum ‘The Warrior Forum.’

Someone had written a question asking, “Is this guy Matt Lloyd legit? Is his company good?” Then people started chiming in.

Some of it was really good, but there were a few who were really negative.

Now the funny thing is … Most—and when I say most, I mean over 90%—of the negative reviews about me or MOBE came from people who had never even bought one of our products.

And I know that because we searched for all of them in our customer database, and they had never even bought one product. So it became clear they had their own agenda and were just promoting their own thing.

Be Careful with Your Response

Now keep in mind this was over five years ago, and it was the first time I was dealing with negative comments like this …

Back to the story, I kept watching the comments, and a few more people started chiming in with their ‘scam’ talk. So after reading their comments, I made the mistake of letting my ego get involved. I felt like they were attacking me, so I should turn

around and attack them right back.

Again, this was about five years ago. It doesn’t sound like that long ago, but it feels like a lifetime. And now I certainly do things a lot differently than I did back then.

But I went on the attack and I wrote a long response—and I didn’t pull any punches. I just kept hitting them over and over.

After I finished responding, I felt good about it. I felt like “Wow ok, I sure showed them.”

But in hindsight, my response didn’t exactly serve me well. In fact, it kind of backfired, because more people got involved and started commenting.

And the message thread went from one page up to eight pages and counting. Even though most of the comments were supporting me, the sheer volume of comments boosted that conversation to the top of the search engine—so everyone could see me lost my temper.

At the end of the day, I felt a little embarrassed, and that’s when I decided to be careful when responding to any comments online.

And if you’re not careful with your words, the same thing could happen to you as well …

If you ever receive negative comments online, you could go try to defend yourself, go on the offensive, or attack them right back—but it’s going to get a lot more comments, that will often give them a lot more exposure. So you can actually hurt yourself doing that. I made a big mistake in doing that.

Be Diplomatic with Your Response

I learned pretty quickly that if I was going to respond to someone else’s negative review, I needed to be a lot more diplomatic when I respond.

And sometimes I do feel the need to respond—especially if they’re lying or say something ‘misleading’ about me.

For example, I got a really negative review about a year ago, and when I saw it, it concerned me a little bit because their website gets a lot of exposure—even though they trash everyone.

But in my new extremely diplomatic way, my response was, “Look, this is actually NOT the truth. Here’s the truth … And by the way, thanks for doing the review, and if anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me directly. Here’s my Facebook and my email.”

Of course, they didn’t publish my personal details, and more surprising—my diplomatic comment neutralized the entire review right away.

That review only got like two or three comments compared to the other one where I reacted. When I was more diplomatic, the

situation dissolved almost instantly.

It gained no momentum at all, which shocked me, because my other comment got all the way to the first page out of the millions on Warrior Forum.

But this time, I gave a very diplomatic response and squashed the whole situation.

What do you do if someone just won’t stop and they’re really coming after you and it start to become a real problem?

Here’s an example of how to handle this …

There is one particular company I’m thinking about right now, that specializes in negative PR to get more traffic to their website.

And, they encourage their affiliates to do negative reviews to get traffic to their websites too, so it’s like a domino effect, or a ripple effect that just gets bigger and bigger.

And, they don’t just talk trash about me and MOBE—they talk

badly about every other company in our industry.

You’ve probably seen ‘review’ websites like this, where they give you reviews on all the MLM ‘scams’ and direct sales and companies. And unfortunately, they do bad reviews about affiliate marketing companies like MOBE too.

They portray themselves like, “We’re acting in the best interest of everyone else and we’re revealing the SCAMS. And oh, by the way, WE have the only product that is NOT a scam. Buy our program, etc.”

If you are reading a negative review like this with a sales pitch at the bottom, you’ll know it’s one of these negative PR companies.

So back to the story, this negative PR company has been doing this to my company for over a year. And of course we tried to handle it diplomatically and reach out to them first.

I found them on Facebook, and politely said, “Look, there are several inaccuracies with your review. I would appreciate if you get a review of what I’m doing, at least be honest with it.” I checked a few days later, and they had blocked me on Facebook.

We also tried phone calls as well, but got no response to any of our voice messages. We tried every avenue to reach out and resolve things calmly.

When to Hire a Lawyer

Once we had exhausted all other avenues, that’s when we got a lawyer involved for a possible lawsuit. You should ONLY talk to a lawyer after you’ve tried everything to resolve it with them.

But unfortunately, in my personal case, it got to the point where the negative PR company was making me lose money and giving me a bad reputation.

We had been collecting and documenting the entire thing for a few months, and had a lot of evidence about the damage they were causing. So I decided to file a lawsuit.

As you would imagine, filing a lawsuit is EXPENSIVE. I spent tens of thousands of dollars (and maybe more), but we filed the lawsuit with a very good law firm in their country.

And I guarantee you those negative comments will be taken off the Internet for good.

Here’s the Big Lesson I Want You to Learn about Handling Negative PR …

Don’t sue unless you absolutely have to.

If you plan on scaling up and doing millions in affiliate marketing, this will probably happen to you. But before you call a lawyer, try every other avenue to resolve it.

Because the last thing you want is to end up spending tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands dollars on lawsuits.

The first thing your law firm usually does is send the cease and desist letter. But some of them just ignore that.

You can also go to their web hosting company they use to run their website. Tell them, “Hey look, this website you’re hosting is in violation of using my trademark,” or “they’re using my intellectual property.”

Sometimes that can work, but sometimes, it won’t. So once you’ve done all of those options, then it’s time for you to sue.

Final piece of advice, don’t make empty threats … If you say you’re going to sue somebody, you need to sue them.

Don’t be the person who goes around barking that you’re going sue somebody if you have to. At some point, if you say you’re going to sue, make sure you follow through with it … because when you follow through, it lets everyone else in know that if they are going to make defamatory comments about you or your company… that you actually will sue them if it comes to that point.

It really sends the signal to everyone else who’s thinking about doing that. They will know you mean business when you say you’re going to sue, and that you’ll actually follow through with it.

I hope this helps you more with dealing with negative comments, reviews, and PR.

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Talk to you soon,

Matt Lloyd