How to Maximize Your ROI by Using Email Segmentation?

How to Maximize Your ROI by Using Email Segmentation?

Are you trying to make as much money as possible with your list? The best way to monetize your list is by using email segmentation.

Here’s how …

Let’s say you have a list of 1,000 email subscribers. You can pick different segments of that list and tailor your message to the different segments.

Segmenting helps you make a lot more money based on the characteristics and behavior of that segment.

For example, imagine you decide to be an affiliate and promote someone else’s webinar … Many of the big affiliate marketers do at least one webinar every week.

If the webinar is on a Thursday night, you should start promoting it a few days before. So on Tuesday, you would send your list an email about the ‘exciting new webinar’.

Let’s say 25% of those people open the email—that means 250 people opened the email. Out of those 250 people, let’s say 50 of them click the registration link for the webinar and register for the webinar.

That means 200 people opened the email, but for some strange reason, they did not register for the webinar.

How to Segment Emails to Follow up and Make More Money

When people don’t respond, you can go back into your email auto- responder, and you can segment every single person who opened the email but didn’t respond.

Email them separately and say, “Hey, look, I noticed you read my last email about the upcoming online workshop, but you didn’t register. I just wanted to tell you why should register.

Because in addition to all that other stuff I said you’re going to get, you’re also going to learn how to do XY and Z. So make sure you register for this webinar.“

Then at the end of the email, you insert your affiliate link again.

So now, out of those 200 people, let’s say we get an additional 20 people who register. Now, you have 70 people registered out of the 250 who originally responded.

In other words, you just increased your responses by 40% just by segmenting that part of our list that opened the email but did not click.

But many people ask,

“Why would you go to all the effort of marketing to people who don’t even respond?”

First, when you segment your list into smaller groups, you don’t burn out your whole list … Single out the ones who’ve responded, and then move those into a new part of the funnel.

Because every time you email your entire list and you ask them to do something like click a link or register for a webinar, you’re asking them to do something. And they eventually get burned out.

The best way to build a relationship with your list is to GIVE them something, rather than ASKING for something.

For example, if you offer a bonus, such as a free report or a free video, where it’s just pure content, it gives them extra value. You’re asking them to do something—a ‘call to action.’

You’re offering them something free, but in order to get it, they must ‘Click Here.’

When they click, it shows that you have a new warm lead. Then, instantly, your auto-responder should send them the free e-book, and then they move to the next step in the sales funnel.

You shouldn’t keep constantly emailing your list and asking them for something in every single message. Because if you do that, you’ll burn out your list very quickly.

So by segmenting the people who open the email, you at least know they’re interested, and they didn’t click it like a second chance.

Segment the People Who Never Opened Your Email

You could also segment the people from your list that didn’t even open that email. So in that case, you have 750 people who didn’t open the email.

Here’s how …

Login to your auto-responder, segment those 750 people, and send them the exact same email.

But the only thing you make different is the subject line. So you use the exact same email, a different subject line.

You know they haven’t seen the first email, so you don’t even need to write a new email—you just need a different subject line…

It’s actually a great opportunity for you when they don’t open the first email, because it’s like you have a second chance. I do that all the time.

For example, every time I send out a broadcast email to my main list within MOBE, which is around 700,000 people, most of them never even open the email …

But if they don’t open it, then 24 hours later, we send the exact same email with a different subject line.

And then we segment all the people who still haven’t opened, and send out the same email a third time—with a different subject line. This strategy brings us a lot of money that most affiliate marketers give up on.

Segmenting Geographically

You can also segment based on geographic region.

If you have 1,000 subscribers on your list, most typical email auto- responders allow you to see where those people are located, geographically, based on their IP addresses. You can segment based on their state, country, whatever location you want.

For example, you could segment all your Australian subscribers. Let’s say out of your thousand email subscribers, you have 100 from Australia. You can separate these from the rest of your list, and then just email that 100.

I recommend this strategy for promoting events overseas. Because if the event is over in Australia, it’s very hard to get people from oversees to come to that event. But if they live in Australia, it’s much easier to get to an event there. So you can segment based on geographic region.

Segment Based on Purchase-History

You can also segment based on purchase history. For example, if they bought a product you’re promoting, you put in place another product in your ascension model.

Segment all the buyers of the first product, and then email an offer for the next program that compliments the first one they bought.

These people are more likely to pay for the next product, versus the people who haven’t opened any emails. You shouldn’t be promoting the back-end program to people who haven’t even yet bought the front-end program.

For example, with my company MOBE, if I’m promoting our affiliate opportunity, I’m promoting MTTB—our $49 front-end offer.

We have several of front-end offers for $49, and I always use these lower-priced offers for new leads.

Usually, I won’t promote our backend programs, because they’re more expensive and designed for more advanced students.

So you shouldn’t promote the more valuable programs until someone has bought your front-end program first.

In conclusion, these are some of the ways that you can segment your email list. Many people don’t segment their list, and they’re still able to make very good money…

But I’ll tell you this, if you do add segmentation into your email marketing, and into all your marketing in general, it’s possible for you to extract more than twice, three times, more than even five times more money out of a list just by segmenting.

Let me say that again …

If you use this email segmenting strategy, you can increase your bottom-line 200%, 300%, or even 500% more than you are currently making.

The beautiful thing about segmenting is it doesn’t cost you any extra money, because you already have those leads on your list.

And it’s not like you need to spend more marketing dollars to get those people on your list again. They’re already there, so you can already segment—for FREE!

Segmenting is basically free money, and with a little bit of extra effort to discover this extra money, you can get A LOT more money out of your list.

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