If You’re Approaching Retirement, Read This …

If You’re Approaching Retirement, Read This …


About 2 years ago, I was in London at the Chelsea Football Stadium putting on a 3 day marketing training event.

One of my clients walked over to me with 2 guests, and introduced them.

We became friends, and have since made many, many hundreds of thousands of dollars together.

Their names are Chris and Susan, and they are now retired and financially free. They now spend their days teaching others how to do the same.

Here’s an email from them which I thought I’d pass on to you …


Hello, we are Chris and Susan Beesley, and we have a very important message for you today …


If you can trust us, even a little bit, then we know we can help you solve your retirement worries.

We are accountants and management consultants by profession. And just a few short years ago, in our mid-50s, we found ourselves working six-or-seven days a week, 10-12 hours a day.

That’s when I had my “wake-up call” …

You see, my parents always talked about what they would do when they retired. But then my dad died suddenly just after his 60th birthday, and they never were able to fulfill that dream.

When this happened, I thought, “We can’t wait until WE retire to start enjoying life.”

Let me ask you a very important question: How long are you going to live from today? 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years?

No one knows for certain how long we have left … but the question for you, is how do you want to spend your remaining years?

Will your life be filled doing the things you’ve always wanted to do—or will you live hand-to-mouth for the rest of your days?


You know what’s really frightening for us baby boomers? It’s watching our entire nest-egg vanish before our very eyes—just before we want to retire. And suddenly realizing you will literally have to work until the day you die.

From 2005-2008, everyone was buying real estate—including us. But nothing could have predicted what happened to the economy in 2008.

After we lost most of our retirement portfolio, we decided we weren’t going to starve on a tiny pension for the rest of our lives, so we sat down and thought long and hard about our future. And maybe you’ve done that too.

Luckily, we had already been searching for online education, because we wanted to help our clients use the Internet to expand their businesses.

It was through this research that we discovered how to actually build a business online. We could start part-time, and immediately.

We firmly believe that online entrepreneurship will help people just like you, create a better life for yourself whether you’re in retirement, or it’s quickly approaching.

The good news … we discovered an incredible system that allows us to fulfill our passion for teaching and training. Now we spend our free time:

  • Traveling to exotic locations in the Caribbean, French Alps, and Portugal, just to name a few …
  • Pursuing passions and causes that make the world a better place …
  • Meeting and collaborating with extraordinary people from around the world …
  • Controlling our destiny, our retirement, and our financial future.

You may be thinking as you are reading this that it’s just too late—that you can’t possibly start a business at your age …


But don’t let these false beliefs hold you back from living the life of your dreams.

In fact, according to a recent article in Forbes, 52% of new home business owners are over age 55. And 79% are over 45 years old.

That means most people starting businesses are baby boomers, so it’s NOT too late. This is something you seriously need to consider.

When you’re looking for a professional business online, there are Three Key Elements absolutely crucial to your success …

1. You have to work with people who have done what you want to do and are willing to help and guide you.

2. You need a proven system that’s simple to follow and will work for you—even if you’ve never done anything like this before.

3. Get a personal coach who will take you by the hand and show you exactly what to do, step-by-step.

This system works for us and thousands of others, and we know it can work for you too.


If you’re reading this now, and you’re in your 40s, 50s, or 60s, hoping someday to have the time and money to really enjoy life, I’m telling you, “Please don’t wait!”

And if you’re staring at your retirement situation, and you don’t like what you see, this is the perfect time to watch our new Free video.

In this video, we reveal—for the first time—the most powerful top-tier income generating system in the world.

Watch Chris and Susan’s Full Video Here.

How to Create an Irresistible Offer
that Stands Out

A few months ago, I was at our Diamond Training event at the Rock Bar at the Ayana Resort, where I met Barry, one of our Diamond Members—all the way from Sydney.

Here was Barry’s question:


“How can I create an irresistible offer that I can offer to my target audience from other MOBE affiliates? Why should they come to me instead of going to any of the other MOBE affiliates that are promoting in the market?”

Matt: “Ok Barry, thanks for your question. Here are 4 secrets that will help you beat your competition AND get you more clients …

1. The Competition is NOT as tough as you think

First of all, MOBE is always coming out with new offers that our affiliates can use as their own.

When we say “offers,” we are talking about things like sales videos, sales letters, emails, Facebook posts. The offer is where we present something for sale.

MOBE sends you pre-made offers which are already pretty irresistible, but I get your question … You’re wondering, why would someone buy from me when there are thousands of other consultants they can buy from?

Here’s the truth …

Although there are a lot of people who have joined different affiliate marketing companies, there are NOT many people who do much work.

The fact of the matter, is the competition is much less than most people imagine. There is not as much competition as most people think, because most affiliate marketers are not consistent with their marketing.

2. Add more value with bonus offers

If you can craft a bonus around helping them get more of the benefit or avoiding some of those challenges, that’s what will make them buy.

You are teaching the person about an Internet marketing product—a product that’s going to show someone how to market and make more money in their business.

Let’s think for a moment, what does your affiliate marketing client want the most? Well, affiliates want more and higher commissions.

They want commissions without doing much work. That’s what most people want. But, we know that doesn’t exist, because if you want to make good money, you’ll need to find a way to make your clients more commissions.

What’s the benefit to them—How will your offer make their life better?

3. What problems or challenges does your prospect want to overcome?

When I was first starting MOBE back in 2010, I had to think of common problems my affiliates would not want to do.

So, I thought, well, they don’t like having to talk on the phone to make sales. And that’s when I had my first “a-ha” moment …

I realized most people don’t like making cold sales calls on the phone to their new leads, so I decided I would do it for them. With my first commissions, I started a phone service to follow up with leads.

My idea was, “We’re going to do all your follow-up phone calls for you.” This unique selling proposition is one of the first things that set me apart from the competition, because it took away a big problem of the marketplace.

4. Ask yourself, “How can I create useful shortcuts for my clients?”

If you can offer them any shortcuts to making a sale, your clients will be very interested.

So how can you do this for your clients?

Make a list of all the other problems they don’t like. Maybe their #1 issue is with getting more traffic to their website.

So you could offer to reveal to them your traffic sources. So there might be 10 different traffic methods that you’ve gone and tried, and you went through all 10 to find the one that actually produced commissions.

So your bonus could be,“I’m going give you a traffic shortcut.” I’m going give you the one traffic source that I discovered after going through 10 other traffic sources that didn’t produce an ROI, and this one traffic source was responsible for me making my first X, Y, Z in commissions. And I’m going hand you this shortcut on a silver platter, as your FREE bonus.

People will start accepting your “Free” bonus, and then you have a warm lead that will buy from you time after time for years to come. That’s the secret … it’s called increasing the “lifetime value” of your customer.”

At the very beginning of my career, when I started creating these useful shortcuts for my clients, my brand loyalty started to grow, business really picked up and I started making some real money.

I was offering Free bonuses like the follow-up phone calls, free traffic sources, even a free do-it-for-you blog… and that was back in 2010.

Since then—in just six-years—I’ve accumulated over $150 million in online commissions. The best part … you can too!

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Business Book You Need to Read

You need to read my new book, WiFi Millionaire: How to Make a Full-Time Income Working Part-Time From Anywhere,

I’ve just finished writing it, and I’ll be releasing it early February to you.

According to the Small Business Administration, the average cost to start a business is about $30,000. But the vast majority of affiliate marketers actually get started for very little money, and they paid for referring leads to an established business. Usually you get paid a percentage of sales generated from your leads.

It is the ultimate business model, because you don’t need to worry about creating products, fulfilling services, setting up websites, dealing with customers, or any of the other headaches (and costs) of running a business.

ALL you really need is a WiFi Connection and a computer, and you can make money 24/7, anywhere on the planet.

More details about The WiFi Millionaire coming soon … 

Former Marine “Accomplishes the Mission” with MOBE—and gets the keys to his New Porsche Cayenne

Russell spent 10 years in the Marine Corps and obtained a law degree.

When he returned to civilian life, he not only worked long hours, but spent so much time commuting that he hardly had any time for his family. Eventually, his marriage failed and he struggled to raise four kids alone.

He tried Internet marketing as a way to get more control over his income, but after too many empty promises, he became skeptical.

Then he found MOBE and he knew it was something different … something better for him and his family …

In a matter of months, Russell earned more than $10,000 with MOBE and qualified for the MOBE Motors program. And there are many other benefits, which he’ll tell you about …

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Talk soon,

Matt Lloyd