Make 2017 Better Than 2016—Here’s How …

Make 2017 Better Than 2016—Here’s How …

Hello from Fiji!

So here we are. 2017.

Don’t know about you, but it came around real fast for me. Feels like just yesterday I was in Kuala Lumpur on New Years eve welcoming in 2016.


If you read my last email about ‘rocks, pebble, sand and water’ then you’ll know one of rules I try to live by is;

“How you start your day, is how you finish your day.”

If your morning routine is checking emails, Skype, Facebook, and other ‘reactive’ tasks, you can easily get pulled into doing that kind of work all day long. And accomplish nothing significant.

Instead, you should start your days off by accomplishing the big, important stuff that moves your business forwards.

Well I also believe this rule applies to the entire year as well.

These first few weeks of January 2017 will set the stage for the rest of the year.

Most of the population will begin this year in a state of disarray … perhaps hungover from all the parties, or still in celebration mode for the next week, not even thinking about their goals.

On the other hand, some people will hit the road running.

They’ll decide January is going to be a record month for them, and they’ll already be putting in the work.

Spurred on by these results, they’ll be able to keep the momentum up throughout Feb, March, and the rest of the year … 2017 will be their greatest year ever.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to get serious about starting your own online business (or making the current one you have a lot more successful), then I have a short video to show you:

 >> Watch this video now to make 2017 your best year ever.

By the way, over these last 5 years the method revealed in that video has resulted in over $75 million in commissions being paid out. As long as you take what I show you in the video seriously, 2017 can be your greatest year.

Talk soon,



PS. Last week I was home on my parents farm, in Western Australia. Really isolated place—the nearest ‘major town’ (3,000+ people is considered ‘major’ where I’m from) is a 3 hour drive away.

I was going through a lot of my old stuff from my university days, and also from the early days of starting my online business back in late 2008.

Buried in one of the boxes under a pile of dust, was a diary from when I was 18.


At the time I was backpacking around Canada by myself, trying to figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

In one section I was writing about the goals I wanted to achieve by age 30.

In the ‘personal wealth’ section I’d written down, “I want to have a net worth of over a million dollars by the age of 30.”

Reading those words, I couldn’t hep but smile. In 3 weeks I’ll be turning 30, and I ended up comfortably achieving that goal.

As an 18 year I had no idea how I’d do it. But I was very serious about making it become my reality.

So here’s the lesson in this for you;

For the past 12 years, I’ve made my business a top priority in my life. It’s been an all-consuming session.

I invested heavily in my own education, and I made a ton of mistakes along the way.

Looking back, it’s no surprise that my goal as an 18 year old became my reality.

Unless you are willing to make your business a priority in your life and stop treating like some little hobby you do on the side, you’re not going to experience life-changing results.

I understand that the level of obsession I have is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most people want to have more balance in life.

But—you at least need to have your business be a the top 3 priority in your life. Otherwise you’re wasting your time.

When you do decide to take action after watch this video, please keep this in mind.

PPS.  If you’ve already got this program, but you never finished it, then go back and finish it. If you need login details, or you need to get a hold of your coach—send me an email at and let my team know. We’ll help you out.