How To Be An Overnight Success In Internet Marketing.

How To Be An Overnight Success In Internet Marketing.

MOBE has grown incredibly fast.

People have noticed, and the one thing I hear all the time, is “Matt, wow, your company out of nowhere… it’s almost like it was an overnight success...”

Not quite.

It’s taken years of working late into the night, overcoming challenge after challenge (they never stop) and continually updating my skills.

Basically, a lot of discipline and perseverance.

From a young age, I learned the value of discipline in practicing my craft, and I learned that good things take time.


At age 8, I started playing Piano.

I became obsessed with it, and wanted to get good.

Every single day, I’d practice.

I did what my teacher told me, and I did it over and over again.

PianoAt first, I was incredibly impatient with the process.  I wanted to play songs… but, I was stuck learning scales.

But as the weeks turned into months, I began to move on to playing more difficult pieces, and I was getting better.  I learned timing… how to read music… how to co-ordinate 2 hands doing entirely different movements…

After a year, I did my first public performance.

It was the school concert, and I played in front of several hundred people.  Of course, I was terrified.

At the end, they all clapped, and a few people complimented me.  Of course, most were completely unaware of the time that had gone into getting somewhat capable.

I kept on practicing, and after 5 years of daily practice and self discipline, I was getting pretty good.

I started entering contests… and, I would regularly win the 1st or 2nd prizes.

I liked winning.

So I started going in more contests… and when I practiced… I would think of my competition.

I’d imagine them practising… and, I’d naturally push myself because I believe it gave me a slight edge over them.   I wanted to beat them.

At age 14, Piano was no longer cool, and I gave it up…

A part of me regrets that, but it was no longer a passion, and practice was just going through the motions each day.

So I found a new hobby:  boxing.

I liked the competitiveness of it. Just me, and the other guy.

No team mates… just one guy against another, competing on raw skill, power, and endurance.

Two men boxing. Two boxers fighting on the boxing ringAgain, when training I’d push myself to the limits – always imaging some other guy my age, somewhere else in the city, hitting that bag and getting better.  I’d push myself.

If it was pouring down with rain… I’d still force myself to go running – and take satisfaction in knowing my future opponent was somewhere else in Perth, looking out into the rain, and likely saying, “not today… it’s raining, I’ll go running tomorrow.”

Then internet marketing came along.

Late 2008 I caught the bug, and I was hooked.

It didn’t come naturally to me at all – but, I’d learned that any new craft you take on, and try to master, is gonna take time and hard work.

So when I hear that familiar line…

“Matt, wow, your company out of nowhere… it’s almost like it was an overnight success...”

I tell the person, that MOBE is the culmination of 1,000’s of hours of work – working when no one else is watching.

And that’s what counts.

Do you put in the work?

Are you willing to practice your craft (marketing) knowing that for the first few months, you’re going to suck… but that you’ll eventually get better?

At 11pm, when you’re tired, and that little voice is telling you to put down that screen of your Macbook and go to bed or watch TV… do you listen to that voice and take the easy path?

Or, do you push on, for just that little bit extra, knowing that this is what gives you an edge over your competition…

Here’s the thing: I’m not that much smarter than the next internet marketer.

And I’m not naturally gifted – I wasn’t at Piano, Boxing, marketing, or any other craft I’ve put time into mastering over the years…

I just push myself harder than the other person.

It’s that little bit extra, that has made all the difference.