Quick post before I catch my flight to Thailand

Quick post before I catch my flight to Thailand


In about 30 minutes I’ll be getting a taxi to the airport, to fly over to Thailand for our Titanium Mastermind. 

Usually with these big events, I’m making a 20 – 30 hour trip just to get to the venue.  But because I’m in KL now, it’s only going to take 1 hour to get there.  Which is awesome!

Anyway, it’s been a super busy week.

Mainly because I launched Traffic Generator Pro, our new 30 step traffic training coaching program.

I’m sure you’ve bought traffic training programs before that promised to show you how to get more leads.

Most of them probably left you disappointed right?

The main problem was, as soon as they showed you something you didn’t quite understand, you got stuck.  

There was no one around to answer your questions, and help you actually implement the strategies.

Well, this program is not like that.

With TG Pro, you’ll actually have your own personal traffic coach who will get on the phone with you and explain things.

Happy young man working at callcenter, using headset

Each session will go for a full 30 minutes.

You get 10 of them, as you go through the 30 steps.

(where else can you get 10 x 30 minute training sessions with a qualified traffic expert for just $49 / month?)

After you complete those first 10 sessions, if you choose to continue in the program you’ll get another 2 x 30 minute sessions each month just to keep you on track.

I do have a little bit of bad news though (well, bad news if you’re someone who puts things off till the last minute).

On Saturday, May 28th, the price of this program will be increased by a factor of 4, to $197 / month.

As long as you buy before then, you’ll only pay a mere $49 / month for regular ongoing traffic training.

If you’re wondering why the sudden increase in price – it’s because the cost of fulfillment was not really factored in when we put this offer together.

Getting qualified traffic coaches who can work with 40+ private clients a week each, is not cheap.

I could have outsourced this to some overseas call center for much cheaper  – but, I wanted to hire actual MOBE consultant affiliate partners who I knew could actually drive traffic.

Traffic Generator Pro Members AreaThese are people who MOBE has paid affiliate commissions to and have proven they know how to get lots of quality traffic.

And, they know how to explain these complicated traffic methods in simple, easy-to-understand ways so that the average person (even non-techies) can follow along and get results.

In my typical ‘launch first, fix later’ approach, I launched TG Pro with a focus more on speed and did not factor in the high costs of fulfilment, so that is why on May 28th I’m putting the price up to 197 / month.

But I will honor the $49 price point until May 28th (and no, this was not a deliberate marketing scarcity tactic.  I honestly just launched this program too fast without factoring in our costs, and would have done it differently in hind sight).

Get it now here, and save yourself $147 / month.

Ok, I’m going to run upstairs now and pack, if I don’t leave right now I’m probably going to miss my plane.

No matter where I go, I always seem to be getting to airports late!

Enjoy your week, and I’ll be updating you on what’s happening in Thailand soon.

Talk soon,


P.S. Last week, the Silver Masterclass was completed (my new program). It went very well, and the recordings will soon become available for anyone who’s in the MLR program.

Next up, it’s the Gold Masterclass. Gold is all about putting in place your main customer acquisition process (CAS). This is the single most important process in your business. It’s how you consistently get customers, and when designed correctly it works independently of whether you are there or not.

Focusing on creating and optimizing effective CAS’s has created tens of millions of dollars in revenue for my own company and is a very high leverage activity.

On the Gold Masterclass Live Streaming sessions (being held June 1st – 6th) you’ll be shown from start to finish how to build one for your own business.

This program will sell for $4,997 once it’s complete. Sales letter is here: MOBE.com/goldmasterclass

However, if you’re a Titanium member before the release date of this new program, you’ll be grandfathered into Gold. You’ll literally save yourself $4,997.

After we release Gold, people will need to purchase that program before getting Titanium and it will included in our core programs in the compensation plan.

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, just email ‘workwithmattlloyd@gmail.com‘ and put ‘Gold-Titanium offer’ in the subject line, with your best contact details.

Either way, keep an eye out for my notifications about how you can get on the live stream, on June 1 – 6.