Should My Marketing Address a General Audience or …

Should My Marketing Address a General Audience or …


Here’s a question I get all the time, and it’s a very common misconception in our industry.

“When you’re first starting out in this industry and want to send emails to a customer, who is the ideal customer? And should you take a laser-like approach, or be a lot more general and target everybody?”

This is a good question, because I hear it all the time.

The Most Common Misconception about Your Target Audience …

One common technique the ‘gurus’ use in seminars is this concept that you need a perfect customer ‘avatar.’ Here’s this person that you’re going to be marketing to.

And they tell the people in the seminar, they say, “Write out who your customer avatar is, and then all your marketing should be targeted just towards that person only.”

But this is actually really bad advice, and I’ll tell you why …

People in affiliate marketing can promote products, services, live events, or they can promote the actual affiliate program itself …

First of all, yes you do want to target a specific segment of your niche—the market that you focus on.

Ideally, it’s a market that you can personally relate to, because your voice will relate to your audience.

But you don’t need to invest all your marketing on just one target, because you don’t want to limit yourself to a tiny little segment.

For example, I have a friend named Tony, a tax financial specialist, and his story is actually quite funny …

Tony is from London, and he happened to be the financial planner for two of my consultants who are million dollar earners.

Both of them make all their money online with affiliate marketing, and when he saw how much money they were making, without doing much work, he became very curious.

He was thinking, ‘what are these guys doing to make all this money? They don’t seem to work that hard.’ And that’s how he got into this business himself.

If you’re a financial planner, the normal advice you would get at an Internet marketing seminar is that you should only target financial planners …

They say you should direct all your paid-ads, lead capture pages, and sales pages only towards financial planners. But they are missing a critical piece. Here’s what I suggest …

Tell Your Own Story to Attract Your Perfect Target Market

I suggest you target the general ‘make money online’ or ‘home business opportunity’ market, and then give details about your story all throughout your marketing. And you’ll attract the people who can relate to your story.

In Tony’s case, he would tell them about his old job as a financial planner, and he was making around $500k per year.

But even though he was making a lot of money, he was working 70-to-80 hours per week—and he definitely didn’t want to keep doing that for the rest of his life.

So Tony would tell his own story all throughout his emails, blogs, webinars, and all throughout his marketing.

You can do the same thing. All you need to do is take some time to develop your story, explain where you came from and how you discovered this industry, you’re amazing results, etc.

Then cast a big wide net over the general ‘business opportunity’ space and the general ‘make-money online’ space with your story.

Within that audience of people, there will be some who will relate to your story, and most of them will naturally be financial planners and people in corporate jobs. They make good money, but they still feel overworked …

And they naturally resonate with your story, because they will self-identify, self-select, and be more likely to reach out to you and work with you.

There are billions of people on the Internet, so there are definitely a few million people out there just like you. And many of these people will love to see your story, and a few will even click your offer and buy from you.

People on the ‘Fringes’ Could Be a Big Opportunity for You

You might be surprised when you also attract people on the fringes who aren’t exactly like you …

But even though they might not work in the financial niche or the corporate space, they’ll still be able to relate to you.

For example, maybe they have a parent, a brother, or maybe a son who works in a corporate job—so they can relate to your story through that.

And even though they themselves cannot directly relate to it, there’s still something about you they actually like, and they’ll want to work with you.

Don’t Limit Your Marketing—Cast a Wide Net

Here’s the misconception about creating a specific ‘avatar’ for your target market …

If you limit your marketing only to financial planners and target everything only to financial planners—that also means you’re excluding all the other people out there on the fringes.

And there’s A LOT of money to be made with those ‘fringe’ people with your marketing.

If you cast a wide net over the general ‘business opportunity’ niche, and you tell your story repeatedly throughout it, then yes, you will get other financial planners just like you …

But you’ll also get those people on the fringes too. Trust me, this took me a long time to learn. For example, when I’m marketing my MOBE affiliate program and telling my story, I don’t just target young college students who drop out to be an affiliate marketer like I did—because I would be ignoring over 70–80% of my entire market …

So I keep it much more general and just tell my story. And yes, I get people who are similar to me in that were younger when they first started out. But my story also attracts other demographics.

We get people from all over the world who relate with my story and sign up, including many baby boomers—who bring in the majority of our revenues.

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