Story of Jack and Martin the billionaire (video)

Story of Jack and Martin the billionaire (video)


Right now I’m in San Diego attending a live 3 day event (not mine, someone elses).  It’s all about getting more traffic, and increasing conversions.

No matter what level I get to in business, there’s always more for me to learn. So I’ll never stop attending live events.

I hope for the sake of your own business, you feel the same way.

Since they are so important, I wanted to share some advice for you about how to get the most out of them.

In this video you’re about to watch, you’re also going to hear me tell the story of Jack, and of Martin.

Martin is almost worth a billion dollars.

And I got to meet him at a live event recently (and am now getting weekly consulting from him).

Listen Here.

Whenever I attend a live event, I’m looking for several KEY connections. These connections are what will take my business to new heights.

If you want to see an example of this, then go take a look at my private Facebook profile page.  I did a post for other people at this particular live event, explaining who I’m looking to meet.  If I get only half of these connections, this whole trip will pay for itself many times over.

Anyway, after I’m done here in San Diego, I’m heading down to Mexico to host our 5th Titanium Mastermind, in Puerto Vallarta at the beautiful Westin Resort & Spa.

This will be one of our largest Titanium events ever, with about 250 people coming.

The event goes from the 19th of February up through the 23rd. And then I have to rush home for a major product launch we are doing here at MOBE – perhaps the biggest one in the last 3 years.

It’s for my new book, ‘Limitless: The Art And Science Of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing’

It officially becomes available on the 25th of this month… but if you want to get a copy earlier, you can get on the pre-launch notification list by clicking the video to the side.

You’ll then know about it before anyone else, and, if you help me out with shipping and handling I’ll send you the book for free.

My plan is to do the first release of the book to my list (which includes you). Once we’ve sold a few thousand copies, which I don’t think will take more than 2 weeks, then we’ll get some feedback from those who read it and add the testimonials to our sales material.

I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback on it.

We’ll add in some testimonials, then, work to get this in bookstores.

Talk soon,