The Future…

The Future…

I think it’s been like 7 days since I sent you a live email broadcast – waaay too long.  I have no excuse, other than to say things have been insanely busy here.

The first thing that’s been happening, is the acquisition of a brand new office for MOBE head quarters.

See the big building in the middle of this picture?

Well, it’s about 44 stories high, in a really good central location in downtown Kuala Lumpur (which has been my main base since 2014).

At the top of that building is a 6,000 square foot office, which MOBE will be moving into in about 4 months.

We are already in the building, but, the company is spread out over 5 different offices on different levels (I’m on the 12th floor right now writing this to you).

So it will be good to have the entire team in the one office, just so we can communicate easier.

Right now the entire 44th floor we’re moving into is empty and unfurnished.

So I’ve been meeting with designers and getting mock-ups on different layouts.  I want to create a really cool, modern office that people actually want to go to.  Not the traditional corporate cubicles so many big company’s have.

MOBE is going to be on one side of the floor, and then the other (which you see in this photo) will be turned into shared office space I’ll rent out to start-ups.

We’ll also use this space to create our first ‘education center,’ complete with a seminar room, where business owners can come in and get training.

The training will be on a lot of things – from getting your first website online, to setting up Facebook PPC ads, to increasing the conversions throughout your sales funnel.

My long term vision is to build these business education centers all around the world

This will be our first one, and will focus on the Asia region.

The next one will likely be in America – since so many of our clients are there.

There’s a company called ‘’ which I really admire.  It’s currently valued at over $10 billion.  And it’s less than 10 years old too.

My plan is to do something similar to what they have done with the shared office space, but to also have regular business training in each location for the entrepreneur tenants (and of course MOBE clients who are from those cities).

So this is all very exciting, and will be my first big real estate project.

It seems like just yesterday when MOBE was starting out, and the headquarters were my bedroom, in Perth, Australia (see photo).

Back then in 2009, I never imagined the company would scale to the size it’s at now –  so I’m grateful for every team member, client and email subscriber like you who reads my emails, gets our MOBE training products, and attends our live events.

In the beginning, I’d spent $38,000 to get into a particular online business which was doing well at the time.

And after 9 months, I still had not made a single dollar.

But I was determined to make this work.  So I kept at it, developing my skills every day.

Each time I encountered a challenge, I’d have to find a way around it. If it wasn’t for my stubborn persistence, I’d have never made it.

Which brings me to you…

I don’t know where you’re at in terms of building your own online business.  Maybe you’ve got things set up and running, and you’ve replaced the income you were making in your job.

Then again, maybe you’re still struggling to work out which direction you should go in, or what you should be focussed on.

Is that you?

If so, I want to see if I can help you overcome your challenges.  And I’m only doing this because I know what it’s like when you feel like nothings working.

Recently, I just joined Snapchat.

For months I’d been hearing about Snapchat, and at first I thought the whole thing was kind of stupid.  I thought it was just a fad, and something that was only popular with teenagers – not really my market.

About a week ago I started using it, and… it’s actually quite addictive.  Now I get it, and I can see why it’s becoming so popular.

Anyway, if you want to add me as a friend on Snapchat (my user ID is ‘mattlloydmobe’) go ahead – and then send me a message and let me know what you’re struggling with.

You have to download the Snapchat app on your phone first though, or you won’t be able to add me.

This is going out to several hundred thousand people (I don’t know how many are on Snapchat yet though), so if it takes me more than 12 hours to respond, you’ll know why.

But I promise if you message me with your challenge, I will respond to you personally.

If you’re a seasoned Snapchatter already, you can just scan that image above too.  Or if you’re on your computer visit this link – or again, you can search by username inside the Snapchat app: mattlloydmobe 

Also if you’re not yet using Snapchat in your marketing, start looking into it.

Here are some relevant statistics accoding to Mediakix:

  • 60% of all smartphone users are now on Snapchat
  • Snapchat now has more users than Twitter
  • 22% of ad executives plan to advertise on the Snapchat in 2016, now valued $20 billion
  • Snapchat reports they have over 100 million users, however some estimates are closer to 200 million

I was late to start using Facebook (I didn’t start using it till close to 2010, and was one of the last people in my circles to start using it).  At first I thought Facebook too was silly – now I’m on it at least a dozen times a day!  You can keep up with my Facebook posts here (just click ‘follow’ to get the updates). The same thing will probably happen with Snapchat too.

Anyway that’s about it for today – send me a message and Snapchat and let’s talk.

Talk soon,


PS.  I didn’t finish updating you on what else has been happening.  The other major project which is going on, is I’m rewriting the entire ’21 Step’ training program MOBE offers (this one).

I spent the weekend at a hotel about 5 minutes from where I live working on all the new content, working in one hour blocks, until I’d done 30 hours all up of work.

(this was the same method I used to write my book Limitless, and to create the new Silver and Gold Masterclass programs).

Each time I do this strategy I turn off all access to wifi, my phone, and put on my noise-cancelling headphones.  Then I just focus on one important project an hour at a time.

If you struggle to get the important things done in your business, I can’t recommend this method enough.

You’ll surprise even yourself when you see how much more productive you are.