The Right Way, and the Wrong Way, to Follow up with New Emails in Your Back Office

The Right Way, and the Wrong Way, to Follow up with New Emails in Your  Back Office


Recently we were at one of our Mastermind live events in Fiji, and I was talking with Celine, one of our Diamond members. Celine started promoting about three months ago, and she had a very good question for me …

“Matt, when we see people’s email in our MOBE back office, whether it’s new leads or customers, to what extent can we get in touch with those people, or should we leave them alone completely and let the MOBE office follow up with them? ”

This is a really important question, because it applies to all MOBE consultants …

When you go to your MOBE back office and you see new email address, whether it’s a new opt-in or someone who actually buys a product, you should contact them. But there’s a right way, and a wrong way to do it.

First of all, let’s talk about email CAN-SPAM Laws. A few years back, there were some unethical marketers mass e-mailing millions of people and pushing their products.

In response, the authorities set up regulations called the CAN-SPAM Laws, where technically you cannot take email addresses of people who haven’t yet given you their permission, and add them into your own email autoresponder so that you can start following up. People must “opt-in” their name and email for you to contact them.

In reality, it’s very unlikely that some federal agency is going to come chasing after you because you take one email address and add them into an autoresponder. But I’m going leave that for you to decide.

Personally, if I was starting out in this industry and I got a Wi-Fi Millionaire sale for example, I would have no hesitation in reaching out to that customer—I wouldn’t even hesitate for one second. But I’d contact them in a very non-threatening way.

Here’s what I would do …

1. Search Their Email Address on Facebook

First, I’d search for that email address on Facebook. You won’t be able to find everyone, but sometimes when you put in the email address, you will see a little drop-down of that person’s profile.

And then you add them as a friend, that’s when you send them a message.

But when reaching out, the worst thing you could do is trying to promote a link to an offer. That’s bad, and would definitely be considered SPAM.

Here’s what you should do instead of promoting something at first … Let’s say your prospect’s name is John.

You would say, “Hey John, you don’t know me and I hope you don’t mind me reaching out this way, but my name is Celine, and I noticed that you recently got Matt Lloyd’s Wi-Fi Millionaire book.

I’m actually the person who referred you to that program, and I just wanted to reach out and introduce myself, I’ve read the book and been through the 21 Steps program myself and it was great. Let me know if you need anything.“

Then you could add a little PS at the end saying, “By the way, I have my own private Facebook support community for clients of mine like you, where I help them get started in their business and I give them free training and free tips. Would you like me to add you?“ Then you leave it at that. This approach is very different to what most people do …

When most people get a new lead, they instantly go into high-pressure sales mode. They start sending links saying, “Hey, go buy this!“ or “Join this!“ or “Free download!“ or “We do all the work for you!

And that’s exactly why they come up with things like the CAN-SPAM Act, because people do not want to be surprised with a high-pressure sales pitch.

2. Start Building a Relationship

When you reach out and ask them to join your private Facebook group, you’re sending out an open-ended question, and you’re inviting them to reply in a non-threatening, non-intimidating way, not being pushy where they feel like you’re going to pitch them. So it’s an easy way to start the relationship.

For example, you’ve probably heard this analogy before when it comes to new sales prospects—but when a guy likes a girl, he doesn’t approach her with a wedding ring and ask her to marry him right away, right?

That’s asking for the big close right up front. Instead, there’s a process—she must get to know him, they go out on dates, and marriage comes much later.

It’s the same thing when we’re promoting something like MOBE … If you want the best chance of getting a sale, you need to build a relationship with your new lead, so you want to start off with that non-threatening introduction.

3. Start your Facebook Group

If they reply and say, “Yes, add me to your group,“ then you should take two minutes to go and create a Facebook group, and you might call it something like “Celine’s Online Insider Tips,” or “Celine’s Online Marketing Insider Tips”—pick a name that makes it related to what we’re doing at MOBE—making money online or building an online business.

Then you add them to the group. In the meantime, hopefully you’ve added maybe 30-or- 40 people to the group who are friends of yours who don’t mind you adding them. You can add me if you too if you’d like. You do this because obviously, you don’t want your new prospect to be the only person in the entire Facebook group.

The Right Way to Follow-Up

Now that they’re in your group, that’s where you start to engage your follow- up.

You can share MOBE videos, Ask Matt Lloyd videos, MOBE Motors videos, new case studies, etc. You have many options to talk about MOBE products and insert calls-to- action so they get to the offer page.

You need to be doing everything you can think of to engage your audience.

Every single day, you should be posting engaging content. Tell your audience success stories, talk about the products, and engage them.

Then as they start to comment, you interact with them. That’s how the relationship all starts. So that’s the first way you can do it.

The Wrong Way to Follow-Up

Now I know there are people reading this right now who’ve been told even by their MOBE coach not to engage with new leads. But the only reason they would ever tell you that is because many people do this strategy completely WRONG.

When engaging your new prospects and customers, you should never jump right in to pitching and selling, because every time you do that, the person you’re riding will see it’s pretty obvious what you’re doing, and they probably won’t respond to you—ever.

Or if you start calling and harassing them, trying to sell them something every day, you’re going completely mess up the process and sabotage your own sales.

So that’s the only reason MOBE coaches will tell you not to contact your new people. But as long as you doing it in the right way, you can.

You Can Also Follow up with an Email

You can also send them a quick, non-threatening email in the same way you sent them a Facebook message. Simply introduce yourself, let them know how the system helped you, and how you can help them too. The email only needs to be about one paragraph.

Then again, in the P.S., you would say something like, “By the way, I have my own private Facebook support community for clients of mine like you, where I help them get started in their business and I give them free training and free tips. Would you like me to add you?“ Then you leave it at that.

And to make it easier, save that email as a template, so you can copy and paste it in the future, and all you need to do is you change the name and maybe you make it a little bit more personal.

When changing your template, you use their personal name and also talk about how, “I noticed you joined three days ago,” or “I noticed you got it last week on Saturday.”

That way it communicates to them right away that this is a personal message and not just something copy and pasted, or an autoresponder that every new person gets emailed.

And in your email, you could even insert a link to your Facebook profile so they can go see who you are, view your photos, and see that you’re a normal person. Or you could even have a video introduction.

You should never forget that these are real people you’re talking to. They want to feel like their being contacted by a real person—for a real interaction.

In conclusion, I hope this helps you when you see new leads and/or customers in your MOBE back office. If you’re a MOBE affiliate, I do encourage you to reach out to your new leads and sales. Just do it in the right way.