The Top-Six Ways to Create Your First Webinar

The Top-Six Ways to Create Your First Webinar

If you’re just beginning with online marketing, one of the first things you’ll learn is you should always be creating new content for your prospects. And one of the best ways to product new content is conducting sales webinars.

But here’s the problem … Most people don’t even know where to begin when it comes to creating online content. Here are six tips you can use to get started.

1. Learn how to use GoToWebinar

The first thing you should do is to learn how to use GoToWebinar. To get started, just Google “GoToWebinar“ and sign up for the 30-day free trial.

Follow the step-by- step training they have, and they’ll walk you through how to create your first webinar. It always seems very hard when you’re doing it the first time. But once you’ve done it a couple of times, it’s actually really quite simple.

As far as webinar content, you should ask yourself, “What’s the big benefit to my audience? What do have experience to train them on?“

In the Internet marketing industry, the big topics are usually how to get leads or traffic—anything to do with getting more traffic for your business or more leads. That’s what everyone wants. It’s not always the main thing they need, but that’s what they think they will need.

In your case, if you’ve made a few sales, you might ask yourself, “How did I get those sales? What exactly did I do?“ Then base your webinar on what you did to actually make those sales.

For example, let’s say so you got some sales using Facebook pay-per- click …

Now you might think you’re very much a beginner. But I guarantee you the people who sign up for your webinar have probably never done that before.

They have no idea how to create Facebook ads.

And the fact that you’ve made money, and you’ve made some sales with

Facebook, means there are people out there who would really love to have that knowledge too.

2. Decide on a Topic

The first thing you should do when hosting a webinar is decide on the topic.

Your topic could be, “On this webinar, I’m going to share with you how to generate up to 7 leads today using Facebook pay-per- click,“ Whatever your results have been, that becomes your title.

For Webinar content, the best thing to do is give them a demo. Just walk them through the demo. Here’s how …

Share your screen with the audience, and then start the webinar off by saying, “Here’s the topic, I’m going to share with you how to get these seven leads a day using Facebook pay-per- click. 

And then you really paint the picture of the benefits for getting this training.

You might say something like, “Seven leads a day might not sound like a lot, but if you can do that every day for a month … you’ll be getting 210 leads per month. And if you can do that all year long, you’re going to quickly build

your first list up to around 2500 subscribers.” A good email marketer should be able to get at least $2 to $3 minimum per month from each subscriber. So if you can build a list of 2,500 people, you could potentially be making $7,500 per month just from your list.

That’s why building a list is such a huge asset for you.”

When you explain all of this to them at the very beginning of the webinar, it really helps them understand the importance of the information you’re giving them.

Next, as you’re sharing your screen with everyone, you get into the demo …

You say, “Look, right before your very eyes, I’m going set up a Facebook pay-per- click campaign.”

Then you literally walk them through step-by- step, and you show them where to go in Facebook to place the ad, how to write the ad, how to get your affiliate link, where to send the traffic.

You show them all of that, step-by- step, click-by- click, and that might take about 20 minutes. So including your 10-minute introduction, now you’re already up to 30 minutes.

Next, towards the the end of the webinar, you want to promote an offer…

3. Always Include an Offer in Your Webinars

You always want to do an offer when you’re training. I used to think you could either do training, or you could sell, but you shouldn’t do both. But that’s the wrong mindset with webinars.

You can absolutely give both informative training, and also give them an attractive offer. As a marketer, you should do both. That’s how you monetize your traffic.

Whenever you deliver training, you should always be selling at the same time. You can do both in and have it still be very valuable content.

Here’s an example of how you could promote MOBE affiliate products …

You could say, “Look, if you got value from this traffic method, and you would like to learn a lot more, I’ve got this other course which will show you how to get more traffic.“ Then you give them your personal affiliate link to the Traffic Masters Academy.

Another option with MOBE is to offer them how to create their very own high-converting sales funnel…

Explain to them the fastest and best way to make money online is to have a great back-end system that keeps selling their customers. Then give them a link to one of the MOBE 21 Steps programs.

As you explain all the benefits of why they should join the MOBE Affiliate Program and their different options to make money online, then you simply tell them to click the link to learn more. And when they click, you get paid.

You’re offer will probably take at least 15 minutes, so now suddenly, you’re little webinar is up to 45 minutes.

4. Offer a Free Consultation

When you’re brand-new and you don’t have your own products, one of the easiest fast-action bonuses you can do is consulting—you simply give away your time for free.

For example, near the end of your webinar, you might say something like, “For the first three people who take action tonight, I’m going to get on the phone with you, and I’m give you one hour of my consulting time.

I normally charge X dollars per hour, but I’m going share with you exactly what you need to do to get your first three sales from MOBE.

In fact, I’ll have you share your screen with me on Skype, and I will guide you through setting up your first Facebook pay-per- click ad, just like I did here on the webinar, but we’ll personalize it around you, we’ll write your own unique ad. But this offer is only for the first three who take action.“

And then, again, you tell them to click the link. In your webinar, you should tell them to go to that link probably five or 10 times minimum, because they need to keep on hearing it to let it sink in.

How Often Should You Do a Webinar?

You can do a webinar as often as you want. You could literally do one per week, or you could do one per night.

It really depends on you.

It depends on how aggressive how you want to do it. Personally when I was brand new, I was very aggressive in my marketing—because I was just very hungry to build my business and make sales.

What You Don’t Want to Do with Webinars

Over the long-term, you don’t want to be coming up with brand new content every single night— because that’s a lot of work and you’ll need to make up as you go along.

However, what you should be trying to do is to optimize your very best sales presentations, so you can deliver them over and over, and get a predictable result from them.

For example, when I was first starting out, I would do a different webinar every single week. It was always made up, and the results were always unpredictable.

Then I got smarter and I started moving more towards a model of getting a certain number of really good sales presentations. And within a few months,

I had five or 10 good presentations I could use.

I had all the PowerPoint or Keynote slides already set up, and I kept doing them until I felt comfortable. Then at that point, I could start optimizing them to bring in a lot of sales.

5. Every Time You Deliver That Same Webinar You Should Strive to Make  It a Little Bit Better

You might add in a story, or you could add in an additional bonus for clicking the link. But you’re goal is to optimize it and make it better each time.

If you’re just starting out with webinars, you should be trying to get to that stage where you have a set number of webinar presentations that you’ve done over and over before, optimize them and you keep on perfecting them.

Some of the best sales presenters in the world have been effectively delivering the same sales presentation for over a decade now, and they’ve just been perfecting it every time they deliver it.

For example, I’ve known this one guy for a few years now, and he’s probably delivered the same sales presentation about 5,000 times. He uses it on webinars, and he uses it when he’s on stage talking to a live audience.

In fact, he’s done it so many times it’s almost automatic… He’s developed every movement, every gesture, great stories, the perfect tonality, and when he gets to the offer at the end, the audience is ready to give him money.

Whenever he delivers this presentation in front of a live audience, the results have become very predictable. He usually gets an average of about 50% of the audience to buy his product, and I’ve literally seen him sell over 50% of the people in a room.

His presentation has become so good—that 50% of the people in the audience are running to the back of the room to pay him $3,000 for his program.

They see him as such a great speaker, and a true thought leader—but they have no idea he’s been doing the same speech over and over for about 10 years.

6. Record Every Webinar You Do

Here’s my final piece of advice for you … Make sure you record every single webinar, so you can re-purpose the video and use it as content.

Every time you do work in your business, you should be asking yourself, “How do I do this work once and then get paid on it again, and again, and again?“

Each time you do a webinar, record it, cut it up, and use the video content for YouTube. You could also have the video transcribed—hire an editor or a writer to turn it into an article, and then turn it into a blog post.

So now you’ve taken this one webinar and you’ve made YouTube videos from it, you’ve got a blog post, you can post it on Facebook, etc.

There are many different benefits from doing it once, and the biggest benefit is when you keep getting paid over and over for something you did in the past.

So in conclusion, I really hope this advice today helps you get started with your first webinars and get on track to making money online.

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