Every single wealthy person has experienced their Turning Point.

I’m talking about that moment in your life, where your desire to become wealthy outweighs the warm comfort zone of staying where you are.

Desire transforms into commitment. Commitment to not just study the principles, but to actually apply them with pigheaded stubbornness.

If you haven’t had your Turning Point yet, listen to this story where I tell you about mine. I hope it inspires you to make the right decision for yourself and commit to becoming financially free today.

By the way, this clip is from a Las Vegas event we did not too long ago.

We will soon be doing our biggest event of 2017 there as well.

It’s brand new, and is called the ‘Get More Customers‘ Summit.

Dates: August 4th – 6th

Whatever business you’re in – whether it’s affiliate marketing or you’re running a hairdressing salon, you’ll be able to take this training and apply it to your business.

Each speaker is from a different industry and has mastered one particular form of ‘customer-getting.’ They’ll share openly with you from stage how you can apply what they know to YOUR business.

Sales will be very ‘light’ at this event – I’m making sure that attendees come away from this thinking,

“this was by far the most valuable 3 day training I’ve ever been to, and I know I’ll be able to 10X my money on what I invested to be here with just a few of these strategies.”

Get all the details here.

If you happen to be a Gold Masterclass client of mine, your ticket to this event is FREE.

Just go to the sales letter link for the event above and read the details, and you’ll see how to claim your free ticket.

Hope to see you there.