Hola from Costa Rica.

It’s been awhile … let me bring you up to speed on what’s been happening.

I’ve now been here for the last 2 months. When I flew over, I intended to be here for 3 weeks … maybe 4 weeks tops.

But, finishing up the MOBE Resort has taken a lot longer than I anticipated.

I’m almost done though. Tomorrow our kitchen will be fully set up, the chef and his team will arrive, and food will start being served (a huge milestone for us, it’s taken almost a year to get to this point).

Within the next 10 days, we’ll have at least 12 rooms ready (air conditioning, tiles, furniture, bathrooms, etc. all brand new).

Also, I finally settled on a name! I’m going to call it ‘Sunset Del Mar Resort.’

I’m getting the logo done for it on 99designs—you can vote for your favorite one so far here.

While all of this has been going on, MOBE has been doing very well.

We are on track for an all-time record sales month, beating the previous record, which was set last month.

There’s a lot of momentum behind MOBE these days, but it wasn’t always this way.

In the beginning, it felt like it took me literally years to get any momentum.

You ever feel like that?

Listen, the hardest sale you’ll ever make in this business is going to be your first one.

Once you have the first, the 2nd and 3rd follow shortly after.

And the hardest 100k you’ll ever make in this business, is also your first. Going to 200k, 300k, 400k, and beyond is actually much easier.

There was a time for me (not all that long ago) the idea of a 6 figure annual revenue level seemed a long way off.

I wondered if I would ever be able to do it.

I had all these questions about how much I’d need to spend on traffic … about how many people I’d need to hire … and if I’d even be able to keep the sales coming in consistently.

You see, in 2011 after being in this business for 3 years I was still not making consistent money. I wasn’t too proud of that either.

By that stage I was having the odd month where I might make a few thousand bucks … but most months it was next to nothing.

Any sale I made back then was a big event. I’d feel this rush of excitement every time I got an email notification for a commission. I knew I was close to figuring this all out. Plus I’d be able to pay the rent that week and buy food that week.

This one time, I was catching the bus home (no car), and looking down at my emails on my phone I see I’ve made a sale for $97. I was so excited, because this was a sale for my own product I’d just finished creating.

It’s funny, I used to get more excited over a $97 sale back then, then I do today for a $20,000 sale.

When I finished that month with close to $3,000 in sales, I made a decision. I was going to reinvest the majority of it all back into clicks, which was close to double what my previous months’ traffic budget had been. Sure enough, the following month I made close to $5,000!

I did the same thing again the next month—reinvested the majority of all my profits back into the business, and made more.

Come to think about it, that’s all I’ve been doing for the last 6 years.

Many people I know in this industry producing at the 7 figure level have a very different mentality than me—they like to go spend all their profits on Ferraris, fancy clothes, limos rides, or 1st class tickets airfare tickets.

Me? I’m much more conservative. I get my kicks out of saving money, and reinvesting it back into my business for the long term.

That’s the main reason I picked up this resort and renovated it; not only will it save a lot of money for my business over the next few years, but, it will give our clients a much better experience at our masterminds as well. It just makes good business sense.

When it comes to personal expenditure, I live as if I make less than 100k a year. And no matter how much I make in the future, I don’t see that changing.

The point of me sharing this with you is that whenever you get your first few sales, reinvest as much as you can back into traffic.

Don’t worry too much about making enormous profits in the early days; the main prize are the lessons you’ll learn from investing money into paid advertising, and then converting leads into sales.

I promise you, once you learn how to do those 2 things well … money will be the least of your worries.

You should look forward to the day when you are investing large sums of money back into traffic, because that will mean you’re bring in even larger sums in revenue.

For some people reading this, spending $1,000 a month on traffic will be outside of their comfort zone.

For others, they’ll be ok with spending up to $2,000 or more.

As long as you’re making back more than $1 for every $1 you spend on traffic, my own preference is to spend more and scale fast.

These days, I spend many hundreds of thousands of dollars on traffic every single month. Every couple of days I’ve got traffic invoices being paid for $50,000 – $70,000 a pop. I feel great about it, because I know traffic is the engine that keeps my business growing.

To really learn this lesson, it’s something you need to experience for yourself.

My advice is just focus on getting your first few sales. Rather than going and building your own funnels, email and phone follow up, etc. etc., just leverage someone elses as an affiliate, and focus on getting leads.

This is where I recommend you start.

Watch that video and then just follow the steps.

Talk soon,


PS. If you’ve been at this for awhile and you’ve made sales here and there … but you’re still not scaling … then I feel your pain.

I had the same thing happen to me when I started out; I’d go through these extreme highs and lows.

I kept telling myself to just have faith that everything would work out.

I don’t mean blind faith, where all you’re doing is ‘hoping’ for a miracle. I mean the kind of faith where as I long as I worked really hard, stayed focussed, kept thinking about why I was putting in all this effort, that eventually would work out.

That’s how you’ve got to be. So give this a try, and follow the directions of your coach. They’ve worked with hundreds (some, thousands) of students who were in your shoes, and can help you move to the next stage.

Talk soon,