What I’m teaching clients at a 10k private workshop here in Phuket…

What I’m teaching clients at a 10k private workshop here in Phuket…


So I just got done with our 4th ever Titanium Mastermind, where close to 240 people (including guests) paid over $10,000 to come stay at a resort with us in Phuket, Thailand and learn how to take their business to the next level.

It was 6 straight days of training, and I’m still not done yet.

I have another few clients staying behind who invested another 10k in a more private workshop (Immersion) to work on their MOBE affiliate business’s.

You may be wondering what I’d teach them for 10k…

It’s pretty simple.

At the end of the day, creating over 6 figures / year in the MOBE affiliate program requires this:

1.)  Build your own email list of targeted subscribers.  The leads you get must be the right leads (ie. people looking for the kind of training MOBE sells).

2.)  Market to that list. Get them in front of your offer (or ‘money page’)

For me, I have quite a few different core offers I promote – here’s 2 examples:

MTTB ($49 price point)

45 Minute Paydays ($49 price point)

3.)  Get good at copywriting – influencing others through your written words.  Study the ‘old school’ direct response copy writers.  A great book to buy is Robert Cialdini’s ‘Influence.’  And an amazing free resource for learning copywriting is The Gary Halbert Letter.

4.)  Scale.  Reinvest your earnings back into more paid traffic, to get more leads.

Now, that’s a very simplified version of what’s required, but those are the fundamental steps.

So over the next 5 days I’ll be working with these clients to implement these steps into their business, and create some results while they are here.

They all have different situations so I have to tailor the information to them…

One owns a business that is clearing over 750k in net profit every year, and a monthly marketing budget of 35k.  He’s set a very ambitious goal of doing 1.8m in the next 12 months.

Others, have a much smaller marketing budget of just $350 / month, and want to first get to 100k / year.

In the beginning, it’s not so much about how much money a person has to spend on marketing.

It’s about getting the business to the point where it’s able to spend $1 on traffic, and make back more than that $1 in profit.

Once you reach that stage, you can scale very fast by reinvesting the profits back into advertising at an exponentially growing rate (for exponentially growing profits).

The other important thing that will determine their results, will be how well they implement what I teach them.

Each night I’m giving them ‘homework,’ and basically telling them to not show up to the next day if the homeworks not done.

You see, I could teach them a lot of theory for 5 days but if they don’t implement within 24 hours of receiving the information, I know they’ll never implement at all.

So, they need to implement each night.

Tonight’s homework was:

1.)  Go through Traffic Masters Academy.  Pick one form of paid traffic.  Go and place their first ad.

2.)  Come up with 10 questions for ‘Ask Matt Lloyd’ (which I’ll film with them and then they can use in their marketing).

3.)  Write an email for your list about traveling to Thailand, and relate it back to a promotion for MTTB.

4.)  Create a Facebook group to start funneling their leads into (one thing I’m encouraging them to do is have multiple mediums of communication with their leads).

5.)  Create a lead capture page using Click Funnels.

6.)  Create an application form using wufoo.com to funnel leads to, and identify the hyper-responsive ones that can be followed up with 1-on-1 to make sales to.

7.)  Create a short video down at the beach during sunset, where you explain to your audience how to fill out the application form, and how someone can get started working with you.

This is quite a lot of work for someone who’s never done these kind of things before…

… but, I want to stretch them to their limits and create fast results.

While we’re on the topic of creating fast results, I had another attendee here all the way from the USA, who got started in the MOBE affiliate program back in May of this year.

His name is Russel DeWitt.

Russel got started with the MOBE affiliate program.  He had no real experience in the industry.

But, he can follow directions, he is determined, and he is an action taker.

To date, he’s made over $35,062 in commissions.

At our big affiliate marketing event (Super Charge Summit) in Las Vegas a few months ago, I presented Russel with his first big check on stage… which you can see in the video here (click the photo):

He then reached another huge milestone by qualifying for a new ‘MOBE Motors’ car, and decided to buy his wife a brand new Silver Lexus.

I wanted to share his story with you because it truly is inspiring, and it shows that anyone can do this, providing they are willing to put in the work…

Watch the video here.

Anyway. I hope your weekend is going well…

This coming week, I have some big announcements I’ll be sharing with you, including a brand new ‘lead capture page’ system I’ve been working on.

You’ll be able to use it to build your own list (and also promote MOBE if you’re an affiliate).

Talk soon,

Matt Lloyd