What’s the Danger in Being Too Focused on One Communication Channel?

What’s the Danger in Being Too Focused on One Communication Channel?


Here’s a question I get often, and I’m glad because I know it’s going to help out a lot of people …

People get so caught up in the entire Internet craze, and everyone seems to think you must become sort of laser-focused Internet marketer. But is there a danger in just doing Internet marketing only? And how can you overcome this?

Most Internet marketers are taught find a product with good commissions … Create a lead capture page for the product … Go place some paid traffic ads … Drive them to your lead capture page … Start building an email list … And then start sending emails for more offers.

That’s what most of us are taught anyway.

And that’s what I was taught in early 2009, when I started doing that system with Google Ad Words. I built my first list of a hundred subscribers, and then got up to a thousand, and so on. But be careful with …

The Danger of Being Too Dependent on One Form of Marketing

I learned this from Dan Kennedy, and it’s a very good piece of advice you can use … There is a big danger if you’re dependent on only one form of media.

But most of us are dependent on only one line of communication to reach our audience—the email list.

After all, for most online marketers, you’re list is everything—it’s where you are going to derive an income—ideally for the rest of your life. The reason you are in this business is to build a list, build a relationship with that list, and to be able to create income on demand from that list.

And you CAN create income on demand with email if you market to them well, and really focus on building a relationship.

But … The danger of relying on one media channel is that if something happens to that media channel, there goes your entire business.

Do You Remember Fax-Machines?

I was reading the other day about this one company in the 1990’s that market their business through fax machine only. They had a big list of prospects, and they were marketing and selling themselves, by fax, to the entire list.

When enough people started complaining about this ‘spam,’ they passed some law where you can’t do that anymore. Suddenly, everyone who built their business based on ‘fax marketing’ lost a major percentage of their revenue—and found themselves in a lot of trouble.

One thing you can always be sure of is that whatever is working extremely well in marketing, will be subject to more and more regulation as time goes on.

Every few years there’s a new marketing trend where the best marketers make an insane amount of money. But these new techniques often get shut down at some point.

What about Telemarketing ‘Scams’?

Another example of relying on one form of media, is back when marketers built an entire industry on ‘telemarketing.’ Again, people started complaining, and new laws came along for a national ‘Do not call list.”

Suddenly, you couldn’t call a stranger unless it was under certain conditions, and you couldn’t call after certain hours. There was a lot more regulation, and these millionaire telemarketers found themselves looking for a new job.

How to Stay Ahead of the Trend

Most Internet marketers right now are building their business primarily with email marketing … And for right now, email marketing is fun.

But there are more regulations coming. I mean there was the ‘can- spam’ thing that came out. And who knows what kind of email regulations will be here a few years from now?

And even though email marketing is still king of the many online communication channels, it is becoming less responsive. Open-rates are nowhere near where they used to be 5 years ago or 10 years ago.

The best way to protect yourself from being the next ‘fax’ or ‘telemarketing’ story is to build your business up on more than one leg.

If you want to stay ahead of the trends, you need lots of different legs supporting your table. Here on my desk, I have a good example of using different channels to reach your subscribers …

Direct-Mail Marketing

Every month, I use direct mail to send my Inner Circle newsletter to some of our paid subscribers. On the back, there’s a photo of one of our Master Mind events. This is all strategy. We’re promoting our seminar business in these newsletters, so we like to show real pictures of us doing the seminars.

When they open it up, they see it’s full of great content, CDs, interviews, and things like that. Now, every time I send these out around the world, I think we mail about 8,000. And I believe we spend around $15,000 or $20,000 per month just on postage and printing them off.

And it would be so easy to just send this out as a PDF to our paying customers with our audio download link. But instead, I choose to spend the $15,000 or $20,000 to put it into direct mail like this.

I do the mailings because it makes the customer experience a lot better for my audience. And direct mail adds one more marketing channel I can use besides email.

Email is very fickle, because people often change their email addresses around … Or they might change jobs and get a completely new email address … Or sometimes the email you’re sending will start going straight into the spam folder.

For example, you could have a potential $20,000 customer just sitting there on your list, and such a tiny little thing like them changing their email, or forgetting to re-subscribe onto your list—means you just lost $20,000 and you didn’t even know about it.

And unfortunately, this is happening to A LOT of online marketers. They are missing out on tons of money by only using email. So you should make sure to have as many marketing channels as possible.

Get their physical mailing address.

If you can get their physical address, you’ll still have that line of communication with that subscriber—even if they change their email address.

Here’s another great example …

Facebook Groups

We have several different Facebook groups with our audience, and the largest one has about 11,000 members in it. I’d say over 95% of our Facebook subscribers come directly from our email list.

You should do this too … Keep track of the new subscribers on your email list, and then invite them, at the bottom of every email, to come and join your private Facebook group.

You can set up a Facebook group in minutes for completely free. And it’s very easy to set up. And once they get into your group, you’ll have another way to reach them—even if they aren’t checking their email inbox and seeing your emails. You can actually catch them on Facebook.

The point is that you should try to have as many communication channels in your businesses as you possibly can. And you should always be building more. Here are a few more examples for you …

YouTube Marketing

Getting subscribers on YouTube is great, because every time you release a new video on YouTube, ALL your subscribers get notified.

It’s like having a whole different list.


Some online marketers are very successful with re-targeting, where they’re collect the cookie from clicks, then they’re able to have banner ads follow that person around online. That’s also like building another communication channel.

So I think it’s a big mistake to only rely on email marketing. Every Internet marketer really needs to be conscious of this, and look for new communication channels to build a much stronger, more stable, and more future-proof business.

Phone-Call Marketing

Another good example is if you’re willing to get on the phone with your people. If you collect phone numbers when someone is opting-in on your lead generation page, you can use this as another communication channel as well.

I’m not saying you need to master five new marketing channels

I’m not necessarily encouraging you to master three, four, or five different new marketing strategies or methods of traffic …

I’m just saying you need to open up more communication methods, which isn’t necessarily adding a whole new layer to your learning curve.

You just need to increase your methods of communication to more than just emails. This doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole new course on the topic—you just need to strive to communicate in multiple different ways.

You Don’t Need to Re-Write the Message for Each Channel

If you write an email to your list, then you want to post it to you’re Facebook group, there’s no need to rewrite the whole message. Just tweak it slightly and then post it to Facebook, and it should only take about 20 seconds.

Even with our direct mail, if we are promoting a live event, the message is very similar to what we have online. We just tweak it slightly. You don’t have to do major rewrites of your communication to reach your list in the most efficient way.

I really hope this advice today helps you diversify your marketing channels. And if you want to make more, and cut your learning curve even faster, I have a great opportunity for you. It’s called …

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