WiFi Millionaire

WiFi Millionaire


Here’s a common question I get all the time …

“If I want to start an online business and have no prior experience, and I’m not naturally good at the technical side of things—can I really do this?”

First of all, lets be very clear.

We are not in the coding, or website building, or even internet marketing business.

We are actually in the direct response marketing business.

Internet marketing is just one channel we can use to reach our audience, and make sales.

So no.

You DO NOT need knowledge about building websites, or how to set up email auto-responders, or how to create up lead capture pages to be ridiculously successful with your own online business.

Those things can come in handy, but it’s very easy to find others to do that for you (I have not built a lead capture page in close to 3 years).

There are plenty of people in this industry who are affiliatesmeaning they promote other people’s stuff for commissions—and they don’t know anything about internet marketing. But they still make plenty of money.

I know of a husband and wife team down in Sydney, Australia who’ve been affiliates of MOBE for a few years, and wouldn’t have the slightest clue how to place a Facebook ad.

They’ve generated over $200,000 in commissions so far.

They will tell you themselves they suck at the technical side of the business. But they are incredible when it comes to taking a semi-interested lead and turning that person into a buyer. They’ll do it on the phone, face to face, on Facebook chat, or anywhere they can have a live interaction.

When they first started, their strategy had nothing to do with online marketing … They would place ads in the local newspaper, and they would ask readers to give them a phone call.

And then they would either get them to a small live event (which MOBE was doing anyway) or they would just sell on the phone.

At the end of the day, if you have a choice between learning good direct response marketing strategies or the latest online marketing tactic, go for the former every single time.

I myself used to buy a lot of Dan Kennedy books and listen to his audio products. That’s where I learned the ever-lasting principles of this business.

Once you’ve learned the basics in that area, the next thing you want to learn is how to get people in front of your offer.

Enough people, and the right people.

This can be online traffic, but it can just as easily be offline traffic too (eg. newspaper ads).

I’m sure you know by now I personally prefer online traffic.

As long as I have a WiFi connection, then I can manage my traffic campaigns from anywhere in the world.

Being able to have a portable business that could follow me where ever I travelled was always really important to me. These days I have complete freedom on where I run my business from. As do many of the people I’ve trained.

I recently sat down and wrote a 40 page eBook guide called Wi-Fi Millionaire—which will be available from tomorrow (Wednesday).

It’s just $3.

Wi-Fi Millionaire teaches normal people how to model MOBE’s million dollar strategies to bring in more online leads and sales, from anywhere in the world, simply using a Wi-Fi connection.

In this book, I give you the details of how I took MOBE from ZERO in 2008, to over $150 Million in less than six years—while traveling the world and working virtually from tropical locations like Fiji, Costa Rica, Cancun, and the Caribbean islands.

In it, you’ll learn how to make work fit your life, not the other way around … and build a strong financial foundation for retirement at the same time.

I’m going to email you tomorrow about it once it’s available, and then I’d love to know what you think of it.

Talk soon,

Matt Lloyd

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